Another Vote for Multi Media

by Bernhard Schlink

by Bernhard Schlink

More proof, if we need it, that there’s more than one way to read a book.

My fifteen year old son is scrambling to finish his reading list for tenth grade.  One book on the list is The Reader, by Bernard Schlink, which most people probably know as the movie with Kate Winslet that came out last year.  

Charley and I picked up a copy at the local bookstore last week, and I told him that once he’d read it, he could watch the movie of the same name.  (I can’t help it, I still read first, watch later — call me pre-vook!) I might have mentioned that Kate Winslet was naked through much of the film.  

Well, it turns out that Charley already knew that:  he’d downloaded the movie without my knowing, months ago.   Ok, well, I said, do you remember anything about the story except that Kate Winslet was naked a lot?   Not much, came his reply.

As I said, he’s 15.

The way I see it, putting a film with the book is a way to have something for everyone:  pleasure for media obsessed teenagers and the words that are meant to go along with them.

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