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Embassy, by bestselling author Richard Doetsch, is a surprising and utterly original thriller that blends a dash of fantasy with page-turning suspense — and it's available EXCLUSIVELY as a vook.

Embassy tells a page turning, high stakes story that immerses you in the action, with high-quality, original videos integrated into the text to bring the narrative dramatically and spectacularly to life. Links to social media let you connect with your friends and the author online.

Richard Doetsch has crafted an ingenious tale of suspense, intrigue, and magic. Lives are at stake — and they are all the pawns of one man, a solitary figure who lingers at the back of the crowd that has gathered outside the Greek Embassy to watch a dangerous hostage situation.

What does the mystery man in the crowd really want? Why has a desperate man with a hostage taken over the Greek Embassy? What is the mysterious object that they are willing to kill for? With Embassy you can read and watch every plot twist and shocking surprise.

Embassy is ONLY available as a vook.
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Richard Doetsch

Richard Doetsch's newest thriller, The 13th Hour will be published by Atria Books, December 2024. He is the bestselling author of two previous books, The Thieves of Heaven and The Thieves of Faith.

Richard is the president of a national real estate company based in New York, where he lives with his family.
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