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  • Animated TextVooks Launch on the Nook

    Dr. Vook, Ph.D is happy to announce his animated arrival in the NOOKbooks Store. You can check him out strolling through astronomy, reliving the American Revolutionary War and thoroughly examining classic art. We’ll let you know when more of his genius arrives.

    Vook Facebook Giveaways

    If you haven’t already Liked us on Facebook, please make sure you follow us there for exclusive thank-yous to our fans on a weekly basis.

    TextVook Trivia Contest on Twitter

    Want to win a $25 gift card from Dr. Vook, Ph.D, star of our new TextVooks series? Make sure you follow us on Twitter @vooktv to answer questions about subjects from his new enhanced apps and ebooks starting tomorrow at 9 am EST with another round of trivia at 12 pm (M-F throughout the month of April). We’ll be giving away two $25 iTunes gift cards a day to 28 lucky winners and using the hashtag #TextVook throughout the contest. Click here for full contest rules and stay tuned to our blog for all of the latest Vook news.

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    Vook on social media

    I would like to take this moment to say thanks to everybody who participated in our Twitter contest to increase our audience on Facebook during March. We gave away $15 iTunes gift cards to 24 lucky winners. In the process, we doubled our Facebook presence and had a lot of fun, including creating some great tabs and giving away codes to some of our video guide apps.

    I want to share the news that we have a lot of awesome stuff planned for our Twitter followers and Facebook fans in the coming days, so please make sure you follow and Like us to participate in some exciting happenings. I heard that my favorite person, Dr. Vook, Ph.D, might even make an appearance.

    TextVooks Featured in iBookstore

    We’re very excited that Apple is featuring our new TextVook series on the front page of the iBookstore and also on the nonfiction category page. More than 50 TextVooks launched there this week, including 9 enhanced ebooks with our resident genius, Dr. Vook Ph.D. In celebration of this special promotion, we dropped the prices of our enhanced versions to $2.99 and ebooks to .99 cents. Rumor has it that you can also download Psychology 101 and World War II for free. Just type TextVook in the iBookstore to see how to get smart, quickly and become a genius like Dr. Vook, Ph.D with subjects such as jazz, astronomy and art history.


    Transforming Your Brand

    ABC, A&E, AMC, Bloomberg, Bravo, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, History, Lifetime, MTV, Oxygen, Turner Networks — these are all media companies that Robin Fisher-Roffer, author of “Reinventing Yourself: 10 Steps To Shifting Your Career Into High Gear,” helped to shape into powerful brands.

    In her Vook, Robin explains how business owners can transform their brands by using innovative methodology.

    “The definition of reinvention is to recast something familiar into a different form —
    to change something so much that it seems entirely new,” she said. “As one of the few career reinvention experts who have been on the frontlines of big business and built major brands, I am imparting the trade secrets that will help people define exactly what they do well so that they can put their career in high gear.”

    In her Vook, she identifies ways new businesses can succeed in the marketplace through instructional videos.

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    “The main character in any brand’s story should not be the product or service, but the customer,” she said. “So that means understanding the needs and wants of your target audience — their needs, preferences, tastes and habits.”

    Robin also had advice for business professionals looking to overhaul their images.

    “In any business situation, appearances count, big-time,” she said. “As a matter of fact, research has show than 68 percent of all communication is visual. So, how you dress, wear your hair, even the glasses on your face are important to how effective your message will be.”

    “Reinventing Yourself” is also available in the iBookstore and through the Kindle app.

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