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  • Start Losing Weight in Under Two Minutes

    Want to lose weight without committing hours to exercising?

    You can drop pounds and build muscle by spending just a few minutes completing the simple exercises in Pete Cerqua’s 90-Second Fitness Solution Vook.

    You’ll learn the moves that Pete developed for his personal training clients and get the body you’ve always wanted without spending the time you don’t have.

    The 90-Second Fitness Solution is now available in iBooks as well as all other formats.

    Check Out Our New Look and Feel with Our Latest Titles

    Looking to lose weight and be more healthy but don’t want to deal with being hungry all the time? In our newest Vook, The Full Plate Diet, you will learn how you can shed pounds while eating real food and portions.

    With Vook’s newly designed look, use the beautiful charts to plan filling, healthy meals for the whole family. Take evaluative quizzes and watch instructional videos that immerse you in ways to live a healthy lifestyle without having to starve yourself or eat bland foods.

    The Full Plate Diet’s cutting edge interactive features make it easy to understand and a lot of fun to follow.

    So fill your plate–and start losing weight now! It all begins here.

    Shape Up for the Holidays

    If you missed the chance to get in beach shape for the Summer, or if you slowly got out of beach shape while attending numerous barbecues and picnics, consider the change of seasons an opportunity to drop weight fast and get healthy–for good.

    Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss offers a healthy, effective and scientifically proven plan for shedding radical amounts of weight quickly and keeping it off.

    The Vook includes 13 videos of Dr. Fuhrman teaching you how to prepare high quality, high nutrition foods that will have you looking great — and now it’s also available in the Apple iBookstore as a beautifully formatted enhanced ebook.

    Check out this gorgeous new format–and follow Dr. Fuhrman’s advice on how to become a “nutritarian.” In just six weeks, it’s quite possible that no one will recognize you.

    See Eat to Live in iBooks here.

    4 Diet Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

    If done correctly, dieting doesn’t have to be about deprivation.  Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a weight loss specialist and author of the revolutionary diet book, Eat to Live, offers a simple calculation for healthy eating: Health= Nutrients/Calories.

    Wondering how to choose wisely? Here are four ways to introduce nutrient-rich food.

    1. Rethink Salad Dressing. Dr. Fuhrman explains that the fat we eat goes directly to our waistlines–and that includes the “healthy” fat in olive oil-based salad dressings. However, a salad dressing that is high in fiber and nutrients will be more filling and prevent fat storage.

    YouTube Preview Image

    2. Reduce Fruit Juice. Even though the sugar in juices are natural, juice is lower in fiber than fruit and less nutrient-filled. Instead of drinking juice, Dr. Fuhrman recommends using it in small portions to flavor dressings and sauces.

    3. Go Raw. Some nutritionists say that vegetables must be cooked and prepared with some fat in order for nutrients to be absorbed. Dr. Fuhrman explains that this isn’t true. He recommends eating four whole fruits and several large, raw salads every day. Not only do raw vegetables help prevent cancer, but they also contain enzymes that prevent digestive diseases. Start thinking of salad as a main dish.

    YouTube Preview Image

    4. Follow the 90 percent rule. Many diets emphasize the importance of lean meats that are high in protein. But Dr. Fuhrman notes that plant foods have more protein than we think. Dr. Fuhrman recommends that only 10 percent of what you eat is a processed food or animal product. If the other 90 percent is coming from unrefined plant foods, you can eat as much as you want without fear of disease or obesity. Ready to Eat to Live? Dr. Fuhrman’s Vook has videos, recipes and more guidelines to help you lose weight fast–and live longer.

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