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A new kind of publisher that’s using technology and data to empower authors to publish faster, market smarter, and keep creative and financial control of their work.

Our Principles

Publish faster

We’ll create a beautiful ebook and distribute it to Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google, Kobo, and Blio across 192 territories.

Go from manuscript to your first sale in days. Update your book and retailer information directly, at any time.

Market smarter

We’ve built a unique dataset on the online book market: 4 million+ titles and billions of historical data points.

We use this data to make informed decisions that drive real results – pricing your book, getting it into Amazon’s Top 100 Lists, and getting it to show up in more search results.

Fair trade

At Vook, you keep 85% of your net royalties. There are no out of pocket costs and no hidden fees. You also keep complete ownership and control of your rights.

We believe in complete transparency – we show your sales across all retailers every day, and you’ll always know our splits with every retailer.

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Join our new publishing venture

With 5,000 titles, 50+ publishing partners, and extensive data on 4 million books, we’ve learned how to succeed in digital publishing. Today, we’re using our technology and data to develop a publishing platform specifically for authors, making some of the new platform available through an early program.

If you’d like to be part of this early program, please submit your manuscript (either in part or in full), and we’ll work with you to create .epub and .mobi files, distribute your ebook to all major retailers, and help you market it with our data-driven tools.

Submit Your Manuscript

Better information helps you sell more books.

We know how hard it is for an independent author to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Vook’s market intelligence lets you know what books your potential readers are buying today, helps you price and position your book for your specific audience, and even helps you get into Amazon’s Top 100 lists when possible.

Sign up now to be among the first authors to gain access to our data in our beta launch.

It’s better over here

Traditional publishers can only afford to focus on major successes, so if you’re in the ‘mid-list,’ you may be feeling neglected and in the dark. On the other hand, if you’ve written a blockbuster, your earnings subsidize the rest of the massive organization. You only get a small portion of what you’re making for your publisher.

Our business model works in your favor. While traditional publishers might pay you an advance, you’ll earn at least three times more with our model. You also get access to our tools and data to get your books more visibility and better sales in retailers.

Plus, you’ll retain complete creative control, so you can always go elsewhere.

Learn more about your options to publish with Vook in the future.

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A Home For Great Authors

Welcome, Byliner authors!

On Wednesday, September 10, 2014, Byliner became Vook’s first digital imprint.

Byliner has published 67 original titles and thousands of backlist stories and articles by great authors. Now we’re working together to add more authors and stories, publish and promote them within online retailers, and help Byliner authors put their titles in more readers’ hands.

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