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Why Vook Author Control?

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Track Sales In All Major Retailer Accounts
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  • Find the right prices for your books
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Vook: Your Total Publishing Solution

Get the best services with a personal touch. We provide authors, brands, and organizations of all sizes the solutions to succeed in publishing immediately.
  • Rapid, custom ebook conversions
  • Innovative marketing support, tailored to you
  • Comprehensive distribution and print on demand

Vook provides sales tracking and publishing services for these companies and many more.

Vook is one of the most responsive and efficient ebook companies on the planet. We work with several ebook companies and the very best customer service comes from Vook.

In short, Vook has been great. We've been thrilled with the work they produce, their team's responsiveness, and customer feedback.

Beat Barblan, Director, Identifier Services, Bowker

Vook's excellent staff did what they do best so I could do what I do best. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with Vook again in the future.