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  • Animated TextVooks Launch on the Nook

    Dr. Vook, Ph.D is happy to announce his animated arrival in the NOOKbooks Store. You can check him out strolling through astronomy, reliving the American Revolutionary War and thoroughly examining classic art. We’ll let you know when more of his genius arrives.

    Vook Launches on Nook

    Vook is very happy to announce its debut on the Nook platform over the weekend, where 11 TextVooks became live in the NOOKbooks store. The TextVooks mark the text-only arrival of e-books for Vook, featuring topics that span throughout history, such as the Civil War and Ancient Greece.

    Vook will have more news about its TextVook launch within the coming weeks along with more titles, so stay tuned to our blog for the most recent updates.

    Dr. Vook, Ph.D Visits Vook New York City

    I just had the pleasure to once again chat with Dr. Vook, Ph.D, who dropped by the Vook New York office yesterday. He’s hard at work on his upcoming TextVooks, which include the Civil War, World War I, Western Civilization and History of the Middle East. I can’t wait to check them out. If you haven’t had a chance to download his American History 101 TextVook, click here. Make sure you also follow the great doctor on Twitter @drvookphd.

    Q. I see you have a rock ‘n’ roll TextVook coming out. Have you met any rock stars? Any interesting experiences you wish to share with us?

    A. I once was invited to a party at David Lee Roth’s hotel room in New York City. It was me, the staff of CBGB’s and the gentlemen who went on to found the Blue Man Group. That was an interesting experience, to say the least.
    Q. You also have a Middle East TextVook … how exciting. What marvels of the world have you seen while you were visiting?

    A. The list is too long but here it goes: the Hanging Gardens of Bablyon, the Pyramids, the Wailing Wall and the tallest building in the world in Dubai. Did you know that coffee, toothpaste and the celestial globe were invented in the Middle East?

    Q. I am really excited to read your Psychology Vook. Have you met Jung or Freud? Were they cool guys?

    A. All of the above. Cool yes, but I generally think psychology is overrated, like home cooking and the FBI.

    Q. Did you get up to any adventures while you’re here in New York City?

    A. I visited the Morgan Library this morning and checked out the Guttenberg Bible, seems relevant to this Vook project, would you agree? By the way, Vook is the digital printing press.

    Q. Anything else you wish to share about what you have been up to since we last chatted?

    A. Did you know that New York City was briefly the U.S. capital from 1789-90 and that Central Park in the middle of Manhattan covers a larger area than the principality of Monaco?

    Thank you, Doctor.

    Exclusive Interview with Dr. Vook Ph.D

    Dr. Vook, Ph.D—our resident genius who just starred in his first Vook, “American History 101: The TextVook,” with many more on the way—just stopped by the office for an exclusive interview with me.

    I was so delighted to finally have the pleasure of meeting him in person over some San Pellegrino, and boy, he sure can throw them back.

    Q. Where did you attend university for your Ph.D?
    A. I attended a very, very private school in Switzerland that only awards Ph.Ds to doctoral candidates who have IQs that exceed 140. It is an invitation-only program, and the school guards its institutional privacy very tightly. The right people in government, the great universities and the private sector know of it, of course.

    Q. How many different countries have you visited?
    A. I have visited all the countries of the world—each and every one of the 194 countries recognized by the U.S. State Department. I do not mean to be parochial by mentioning the U.S. because I am a universal citizen, but considering the U.S. is seemingly involved in every part of the world it is the best source of information for such facts.

    Q. Can you share some of your favorite adventures and encounters with us that you have experienced during your travels?
    A. When I was a young man, I traveled with a Professor Jones to the Middle East. I love archeology, though why the Professor insisted on being called after a state of his country’s middle West I could not imagine.

    I liked Howard Hughes; he was a genius as well. He invented all kinds of important things. Did you know that he invented the modern hospital bed when he was hospitalized after crashing his SF-11 aircraft? During his recovery he designed what we now know as the modern hospital bed, equipped with hot and cold running water and operated by 30 electric motors, with push button adjustments.

    I also love to travel with Richard Branson and Warren Buffet; they have nice planes, are very smart and are credible citizens of the world.

    Q. What do you consider to be your main areas of expertise?

    A. I pride myself on carrying all of the facts and wisdom of the world inside my brain: current, historic, scientific and everything that matters, wherever, whenever and throughout time.

    Q. What is your favorite period in world history?
    A. I avoid such traps in my thinking. It clutters the brain to be emotional, nostalgic or attached to ideas, events or ideologies from the past. Plus, I practice yoga each day. It keeps me present. I do like the present, like this interview with you, Jules.

    Q. How old are you?
    A. Older than some and younger than others.

    Q. Have you written any other material besides TextVooks? Have you tried your hand at some literature, perhaps?
    A. Fiction is a little bit of a bore for me. Digesting, interpreting and understanding reality is enough of an undertaking.

    Q. What do you like to do for fun?
    A. I date a different woman every day.


    Thanks, Dr. Vook Ph.D. I look forward to our next chat.

    You can now follow our resident genius on Twitter @drvookphd as he Tweets about his TextVook projects.

    Vook Releases First ‘TextVook’

    The success of our Video Guides demonstrated that readers were hungry (or thirsty, considering the speed “Cocktails” flies off the digital shelf) for original Vook material. So we’re excited to announce the launch of our next imprint of all new titles: TextVook.

    This new imprint features the worldly teachings of Dr. Vook Ph.D as he takes readers on an animated journey through history, science, philosophy—the entire world of learning. His first TextVook, “American History 101: The TextVook,” was released Friday and is available in the iTunes App Store for the iPad and iPhone for only $6.99. It’s also available in the iBookstore. The app contains 8 animations and chapters about America’s economic system, American federalism and key issues in the country’s history.

    Readers can expect many more titles from Vook’s resident genius throughout the year, including upcoming adventures with the Civil War and Western Civilization, as well as economics, law and social sciences.

    Stay tuned to our blog for an exclusive interview with the man himself.

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