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    From Founders To Fanatics, Vook Celebrates Election Day

    As Democrats and Republicans, Tea Party patriots, left-wing liberals and Americans of every other political stripe head to the polls on Election Day, Vook  celebrates the mid-term elections with special deals on four Vooks that spotlight the diversity of American politicians and political thought, yesterday and today.

    Special Election Day Vooks available beginning today include:

    • “Visions of America: Photographing Democracy,” by Joseph Sohm. This epic photojournal spans Sohm’s 30-year quest to capture an image of democracy. It contains hundreds of photographs and several videos featuring the author discussing his passion for both his art and country.  Vook price: $6.99.  Available from iTunes here, or, for iPad users, at iBooks here.
    • “Wingnuts: How The Lunatic Fringe Is Hijacking America,” by author, political columnist and CNN commentator John Avlon (published in book form by Beast Books, a co-publishing venture with the Perseus Books Group).  Twelve chapters of text and a dozen videos offer insight into how far-left and far-right political extremists have come to dominate the country’s political dialogue and provide Avlon’s perspective on what can be done to return to a saner, smarter national conversation.  Available for $6.99 in all formats here.
    • “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin,” which can be downloaded for free (until the last vote is counted) here.
    • “Lincoln Letters,” also available for free for a limited time only here. This rare compilation of four very personal letters penned by Abraham Lincoln provides powerful insight into the man himself.

    “People tend to think of political expression in terms of words, but I tend to see and express democracy and politics in visual terms,” said Joseph Sohm.  “A Vook provides another image-rich medium through which writers and visual artists can express themselves or capture the magic of ideas.”

    We are thrilled to share this mixed media mosaic of ideas with you this Election Day.

    Save Your Good Idea From Being Shot Down

    Tired of people shooting down your ideas? Learn how to get your point across to naysayers and your toughest critics.

    In our latest Vook, Buy-In, John Kotter and Lorne Whitehead reveal the generic attack strategies that opponents deploy. Then, you’ll learn foolproof counter-attacks to ensure your idea is heard–and implemented.

    Tap into their proven strategies for communicating effectively, getting people’s attention, and getting their buy-in for your project.

    Save your good idea now–get Buy-In today on your iphone or ipad.

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