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  • Experience Yoga Without Getting out of Bed

    Are you interested in the many health benefits of yoga but don’t have the time or know how to start?

    You can gain flexibility, build strength and ease stress without leaving your house– in fact, you don’t even have to get out of bed.

    Our latest Vook, Yoga in Bed, guides you through a rich and rewarding yoga practice that takes only 15 minutes. It focuses on incorporating Yoga into your normal activities and can be done right from your home.

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    With 10 instructional videos, helpful photographs and essential insight from yoga teacher Naomi Call, Yoga in Bed will change your body and mind–without forcing to you change your schedule.

    Start your transformation now! Get Yoga in Bed for your iPhone or iPad here.
    And as an iBook here.

    Discover Your Life Mission

    Looking for a strategy that will guarantee success?

    Our latest Vook will help you discover one. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with renowned consulting leader FranklinCovey to bring you Habit 2: Discovering Your Life Mission.

    Habit 2 is an essential, value-packed piece of Stephen Covey’s international bestseller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, focused on helping you to discover and create your own personal mission statement. It includes provocative images and inspiring quotes as well as 10 video interviews with Stephen Covey.

    Become more effective in the way you live your life through this rich, interactive experience. Discover your life mission.

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    Fix a Flat Tire with a Dollar Bill

    It’s inevitable: Whether you’re an avid cyclist or casual rider, at some point, your bike will require fixing. But that doesn’t mean you need to visit the bike shop.

    In our latest Vook, Bicycle Maintenance 101, bicycle expert Chris Clunkie teaches you how to do the repairs yourself. Learn how to change a tire, replace a chain, adjust your own breaks, and much more.

    In 15 clear, instructional videos, he teaches you everything you need to know in case of emergency–like how to patch a flat tire with a dollar bill. He also givs everyday maintenance tips for keeping your bike in tip-top shape.

    With descriptive text, gorgeous images and a very hip biker soundtrack, Bicycle Maintenance 101 is a must-have guide for any cyclist.

    Start rolling here.

    24 Hours That Changed the World

    In the Middle Ages, monks brought to life the world’s most important stories with illuminated manuscripts. Today, Vook is proud to release an illuminated manuscript for the 21st century: 24 Hours That Changed the World. This Vook recounts the end of Jesus’ life and his crucifixion–an event that forever altered the course of Western history.

    Just as illustrations and decorations lit up the parchments of the past, in this seven-part series, Reverend Adam Hamilton lights up his original text with insightful videos explaining the true meaning of Jesus’ suffering.

    Whether you are interested in religion or history, these Vooks reveal much about this world-changing event.

    Get the full story–beginning with 24 Hours That Changed the World: The Last Supper or start by watching the introduction below:

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