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    We are very excited to announce that Vook superstar Lizzy Ha, who was instrumental in developing our “Reckless Road” Vook among many other projects, is one of 12 winners in The New Yorker’s fourth Eustace Tilley contest.

    She said she has submitted designs since the contest started four years ago and beat more than 600 other people this year!

    “I’ve been participating since the beginning, so it’s become tradition to submit something each year,” Ha said.

    From everybody here at Vook, congratulations Lizzy! We are rooting for you to win the Grand Prize!

    Read the full article here here.

    How Did Slash and Axl Rose Meet?

    Seems like everyone wants to know the answer to that question, given how popular the Reckless Road Vook has been since its launch in the iBookstore.

    In the Vook, you’ll get the answer to that question, and many more gritty details about what life was like before Guns N’ Roses made it big–when they were living on the edge of greatness and chaos.

    With 17 video interviews, band memorabilia, and a whole new format for the iBookstore, it’s no wonder it’s been such a hit.

    So how did Axl and Slash meet? Find out here.

    Welcome to the Jungle: Reckless Road is On Sale Now!

    The eventual merging of the Appetite line-up of Gun N’ Roses can more easily be attributed to chaos theory than straight forward chronology.”- Reckless Road

    While Gun N’ Roses’ path to success was notoriously chaotic, the Vook team has been working straight around the clock to produce our most rockin’ Vook ever. It was amazing to see Slash hold his first iPad and take a look at Reckless Road: The Making of Appetite of Destruction, but it’s even more thrilling to be able share this masterpiece app with the world at large.

    It’s generating a lot of excitement, and is now available for iPad and browser. Check it out–and we’ll see you on the Reckless Road.

    Reckless Road: Anything Goes

    Life as a rock star is all about champagne, screaming fans and limos, right? Of course, most aspiring musicians would probably be happy with a committed fan base and hitting the iTunes top ten — but some bands really do blow up and become epic phenomenons. Like Guns N’ Roses. In our upcoming Vook, “Reckless Road: The Making of Appetite for Destruction,” we take you down to the jungle to watch members of one of the world’s wildest bands explain just how crazy it was to go from living hard on the Sunset Strip to partying harder all over the globe.

    Check out Slash and some of the guys reminiscing about the early days and remember: before you have everything, anything goes.

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