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  • A new You for the New Year

    This year, whether you want to lose weight, look great, or make money doing what you love (or all of the above. Why not?), we’ve got a vook for you. For a limited time, we’re offering a special promotion with discounted pricing on our self improvement Vooks — The 90 Second Fitness Solution, Return to Beauty and Crush It!

    With these three vooks, you can cover some of the major to-dos for any great year: health, wealth, and happiness. The 90 Second Fitness Solution shows you how to get trim and stay healthy in only 90 seconds a day with easy to follow videos that illustrate core exercise techniques. In Return To Beauty author Narine Nikogosian demonstrates all natural beauty recipes that you can make in your kitchen with household ingredients. Finally, Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk, is a New York Times bestselling guide on how to live your dreams and make money doing what you love. It’s enhanced with fun videos of entrepreneur and social media genius Gary Vaynerchuk showing you smart tips and pointers on how to get ahead in the digital economy. And you can get all of them for a limited time, discounted price!

    We’re determined to help you meet your personal goals this year and we know these great titles offer an elegant, intuitive way for you to make sure your resolutions really do get resolved.

    Happy New Year,

    Team Vook

    WE MEANT — 20,000 Sherlock Downloads!

    We are thrilled to announce a tremendously successful week of downloads for our Sherlock Holmes Experience vook. With great support from Apple, picking our app as the #1 “Staff Favorite” for the holiday week, Sherlock received over 17,000 20,000 downloads in just a matter of a few days (Ed: we just got some NEW sales info, upping the numbers even higher!).

    2009 was a great year for Vook—it was the year we launched and it was the year we saw the publishing industry start committing to the digital medium. As our holiday present to everyone, we gave away our Sherlock Holmes Vook for free in the iTunes store from December 23rd through the 27th. We expected we’d get at most a few thousand downloads—after all, it’s difficult to attract attention even for a free app. And it was the middle of the holidays. So, with modest expectations, we set the app price to free and welcomed a few days of vacation.

    Imagine our surprise this morning when we got our sales figures from Apple for those days.

    17,000 20,000 downloads! (Ed: We can’t get enough of this)

    We were stunned. We’d seen some good responses on Twitter and through email, but nothing of this magnitude. 17,000 20,000 people have had the chance to read and watch and enjoy our enhanced version of Sherlock Holmes. 17,000 20,000 people know what a Vook is—and why we think it’s such a great new platform for books.

    We want to thank all of you who downloaded the free Sherlock Holmes Vook. We thought we were giving the reading public a gift, but you all made our offer into a huge present for us. Thanks to all of you who downloaded the Sherlock Holmes Experience, tweeted about it, mentioned it on Facebook, told their friends, and sent us emails. We’re glad we have such a great audience—and we can’t wait to bring you more great vooks!

    Happy New Year!

    Team Vook

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