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    Our digital publishing platform, VookMaker, is ever closer to public release — and our vision of an easy-to-use ebook creation, distribution and sales reporting platform. And yes! This is exciting, this platform we have developed. And yes! We are excited. But — a platform is only as good as what people make with it — which is why we’re even more excited that Apple recognizes the high quality, awesome looking eBooks VookMaker can produce. How do we know this? Because they have just launched a 15 TITLE PROMOTION for the video enhanced fitness series we produced with Gaiam. You can see it by clicking here!

    This is a front page promotion, sharing the stage with Mark Bowden, Lee Child, and Rin Tin Tin. Our hats off to you, other authors and dog subjects. We are honored to be in your fine company up there on the front page. And we are also so proud of our platform, VookMaker, because it produced these very fine looking titles very quickly. This, ladies and gentleman, is what VookMaker can do for you. And what you can do with VookMaker. Soon! GaiamLargeBrick

    Osama Bin Laden is Found – Inside a Vook!

    ABC News and Vook have partnered up again to bring you Target: Bin Laden, a comprehensive video/text mash-up detailing Osama bin Laden’s life – and gripping capture.

    Target Bin Laden: The Life and Death of Public Enemy Number One, by a powerhouse team at ABC News, features the very best of ABC News’ coverage of the terrorist mastermind, bringing readers in to the early days of bin Laden and al Qaeda, September 11, 2024, the war in Afghanistan, and the massive manhunt for Osama bin Laden.  This special video enhanced eBook features a heart-stopping account of the 40 minutes that changed the world, delving into how an elite Navy Seals team — and one warrior dog — took down bin Ladin in his compound.

    Target: Bin Laden also features a gripping account of the white-knuckle moments inside the White House Situation Room as President Obama and his security team wached the operation from Washington, and sheds light of the mother lode of intelligence found in bin Laden’s lair. This groundbreaking ABC Video Book is packed with original reporting exclusives: ABC News footage from inside bin Laden’s compound, excerpts from an exclusive ABC last-of-its kind interview with bin Laden, first person accounts, and gripping photos and videos.

    Target: Bin Laden provides the details and reporting only ABC News can deliver – put together in a gorgeous, dynamic Vook.

    Download it now – click here to get it from the iBookstore.

    TextVooks Featured in iBookstore

    We’re very excited that Apple is featuring our new TextVook series on the front page of the iBookstore and also on the nonfiction category page. More than 50 TextVooks launched there this week, including 9 enhanced ebooks with our resident genius, Dr. Vook Ph.D. In celebration of this special promotion, we dropped the prices of our enhanced versions to $2.99 and ebooks to .99 cents. Rumor has it that you can also download Psychology 101 and World War II for free. Just type TextVook in the iBookstore to see how to get smart, quickly and become a genius like Dr. Vook, Ph.D with subjects such as jazz, astronomy and art history.



    Vook is excited to announce that Judith Klinger’s CookVook, “Cooking Simply: The Italian Way,” is #9 in the iBookstore! Congratulations, Judith!

    She took a few minutes to answer some questions about her passion for cooking:

    Q. What inspired your CookVook?
    A. I want to demonstrate that cooking at home with real food isn’t hard, and in fact, it can be fun. And what is better than delicious Italian style cooking? I believe in eating real food, sustainable, local and in season, and those are all things the Italians are very, very good at. Plus, I live in gorgeous Umbria and it was great to shoot the video on the “home turf” so to speak.

    Q. What are some of your favorite recipes?
    A. My favorite recipes are the ones that aren’t fussy and highlight good ingredients. Take risotto for example, once you know how to make risotto, you can make endless variations with what you have on hand: pear and Gorgonzola, seafood, porcini mushroom, and of course, truffle risotto.

    Q. What do you like to cook on the weekends?
    A. Check out my blog for last weekend’s bonanza here.

    We are up in Snowbird Utah for the month, so this past weekend we had Black SableFish Brodetto, Sablefish Chowder and Side Stripe Shrimp Ceviche. What? You thought we were up here eating chilidogs?

    Most nights we wind up with between 4 – 8 people for dinner and I never know how many are coming until about an hour before dinner.

    Honestly, there is no difference between weekdays and weekend cooking. Maybe on the weekend I’ll do something more elaborate, but that’s only if I feel inspired. I cook dinner most nights and we always eat dinner together, even when we work late. I’m a firm believer that our family is so close because we always shared dinner. One of my happiest moments is when my son MMS’s me a photo of the dinner he made.

    Thanks, Judith.

    Watch her create some yummy smashed potatoes here and download her Vook here.

    How Did Slash and Axl Rose Meet?

    Seems like everyone wants to know the answer to that question, given how popular the Reckless Road Vook has been since its launch in the iBookstore.

    In the Vook, you’ll get the answer to that question, and many more gritty details about what life was like before Guns N’ Roses made it big–when they were living on the edge of greatness and chaos.

    With 17 video interviews, band memorabilia, and a whole new format for the iBookstore, it’s no wonder it’s been such a hit.

    So how did Axl and Slash meet? Find out here.

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