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  • Vook Heads to Book Expo America

    Greetings Vook Fans,

    I am really excited here in Vook New York City as I start gearing up for Digital Book 2024 and Book Expo America — the largest publishing trade show in North America — next week down the street at the Javits Convention Center, which is guaranteed to be a great time. Don’t be shy and make sure you stop by Kiosk 2311 in the Digital Zone to say “hi” and pick up some special download cards from me. Also, you’ll want to follow my live Tweeting by reading the @vooktv stream.

    Be sure to mark your calendars to check out our Vook speakers at the conferences:

    Monday, May 23
    Digital Book 2024 at the Javits Convention Center
    Rooms 1e02-04
    4:30 – 5:15 pm
    The Future of Digital Reading and the Business of Digital Publishing

    Vook founder and CEO Brad Inman will be speaking on a panel along with Peter Balis of John Wiley & Sons and Masaaki Hagino and Daihei Shiohama of Voyager Japan.

    About: Interactivity and rich-media enhanced eBooks are increasingly expected. Social reading and transmedia “storytelling” are emerging trends. Borders between books and periodicals are breaking down as content gets liberated from the constraints of traditional packagings. What are the business implications?

    Wednesday, May 25
    Book Expo America at the Javits Convention Center
    2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
    IDPF Digital Stage
    Matthew Cavnar, Head of Product Development at Vook, will be discussing the scalable creation of digital content, distribution to multiple marketplaces and how technology platforms can solve the problems publishers face in digital today.

    See you next week,

    Social Media Marketing Manager


    Digital lands at BEA

    Vook wasn’t the only e-book outfit at BEA, but we were one of the most visible, hanging around the floor and visiting lots of publishing folk to demonstrate our product.   I’m a veteran of this book fair, but I have to say I have rarely encountered such enthusiasm, especially for a product that’s a little “out of the box.”  For all the fretting that the book business is archaic and hidebound, there were dozens of “that’s cool”’s and “I want in”s, especially after Vook CEO Brad Inman spoke on the Big Ideas panel.   The BEA organizers are enthused about new technology, too, having organized, for the first time,  a special “digital area” at the otherwise old-fashioned fair.   Some people worried that this was ghettoizing, but I thought otherwise;  with traditional book publishers pulling back on what they spent at the fair on booths and parties and such, it seemed a natural progression for technology to take more of center stage.  (And, by the way, give one of the few great parties at the Fair)

    Speaking of ghettoizing, I couldn’t help but notice that in the business section of the  Wednesday’s  NY times there were two, count em two, stories about technology and media.   This might not seem all that unusual, but we media hounds in New York still remember the Circuits section, now disbanded:  Now, that was a ghetto.   I think it’s a great sign that we’re all up there next to GM (and looking a whole lot better than GM, I can’t help but notice) — finally,  forward thinking companies are allowed to sit at what Woody Allen once quipped (in another context) was the “grown up”’s table.

    Vook Goes to BEA

    The Vook team has landed in New York and we’re gearing up for a big week at the Book Expo America (BEA).

    BEA is the publishing industry’s largest annual get together and this year, the buzz over e-books and digital content is building.

    Vook founder Bradley Inman will be speaking on a panel entitled The 800 Pound Gorrilas in the Room – Part 2: Beyond Kindle.

    The session runs 3:45PM – 5:00PM on Friday, May 29, 2024 as part of the Big Ideas at BEA track.

    Panelists include:

    Hope to see you there!

    If you’re heading to BEA as well, make sure to look us up. We can be reached 510-735-7904 – give us a call, we’d love to meet up!

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