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    When we last left off, we were eagerly counting down the hours to the release of iPad. We weren’t alone. People lined up hours in advance. Apple stores served breakfast. The twitter stream was abuzz with anticipation.

    Finally, the doors opened. The release of the iPad this Saturday was not just a red letter moment for Silicon Valley, it marked a turning point for the publishing and film industries, and a great opportunity for those invested in the future of media. The team at Vook has been working hard for months to prepare apps for submission to Apple, and we are ecstatic that 19 of our Vooks are now for sale in the iTunes store as iPad apps.

    The iPad has provided us with a platform to make our content even more compelling, dynamic and unique. In many ways, it seems like the iPad was literally made for us. As eBookNewser wrote, “This has got huge potential on the iPad, and Vook’s already off to a strong start.” To share our excitement with you, we’re giving away two titles for free: The Shakespeare “Love, Love, Love” app and The Sherlock Holmes Experience. With bigger screens and higher video quality, our iPad applications show off the expanded functionality of the new device and make for a truly enhanced reading experience.

    We’ve gotten a wonderful response from authors, filmmakers and fans. Gary Vaynerchuck, author of Crush It told us he’s thrilled with his Vook, and so are his fans. We’ve also gotten great feedback on Seth Godin’s Unleashing the SUPERIdeavirus as readers recognize the incredible potential for Vooks on the iPad.

    And this is just the beginning! We’ll be adding more titles to our iPad app page all the time, and continuing to explore the many possibilities of this new medium.

    What are your feelings about the iPad? Leave us a note in the comments below!

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    1. arunshroff says:

      I did not know about the vook, until I had an idea for what I thought may be a killer application for the iPad – a book convereted into an interactive video + text format that could be read on a device like the iPad. A google search quickly revealed that a company called Vook already had a product in the market that did exactly that – and it was called a vook ! I thought it was the killer app for the iPad and prompted me to write this blog post back in February – http://bit.ly/9k6c9e I guess we will have to just wait and see if this indeed turns out to be the case !

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