Vook really just wants to say THANKS

It’s always great to hear a heartfelt “THANKS” from a business or brand that you love. It’s a great feeling when you know they really value your opinion, and your business. The reason is simple: we like to feel like we’re helping build and improve the products they create!

We want to build that at Vook. We’re putting our heart into it – from conceiving products that we think our fans will love, to feedback on our titles from our followers. And nothing tells the story of Vook like the ratings in the AppStore for our Vooks!

As our own way of saying “THANKS” to the customers we love, the team at Vook decided to reduce prices for more than 100 of our Vooks in the iTunes App Store. We’ve never done that before. The huge thank you party starts this afternoon and lasts until Monday at midnight. Our premium apps – from Reckless Road to How to Rock Climb – will be available for just 99 cents. And check out our new homepage during the promotion at thanks.vook.com.

Vook is now the largest digital publisher of enhanced eBooks in the AppStore, and as our press release this morning said, we could not have done it without a great group of fans, followers and devotees. We’ve been working hard to find new and exciting titles for them, and have really succeeded at persuading our partners that combining great video footage with an engaging text makes for a revolutionary reading experience.

Finally – what’s truly compelling about Vook is the great relationships we have with the authors of our Vooks – each of whom has a loyal following that just cannot get enough of their favorite authors. You need only to follow tweets to @vooktv for evidence. We regularly receive questions such as: “When are you turning such-and-such book into a Vook?”

This weekend – please take the time to explore the Vook catalog in the AppStore. Learn how to rock climb! And yes, you can actually do Yoga in Bed.

In other words – take advantage of our way of saying thanks to each of you!

And of course – please send any feedback you have on your reading experience to mike [] vook.com!

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