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  • Vook, the iPad and the Dawn of Mixed Media

    We recently sent out a survey to members of the Vook community to find out what our readers thought of our Vooks. In 40 hours, we got a tremendous 367 responses expressing an incredible amount of enthusiasm for the Vook, mixed media and enhanced reading. Overall, 84 percent of people said they liked or loved their Vook. 75 percent said they would recommend the product to a friend.  Given the proven merit of word-of-mouth marketing, this kind of enthusiasm bodes well for both the product and the future of a thriving mixed media industry.

    50 percent also said the Vook offered a better experience than an e-book and 42 percent said it was impossible to compare the two. Users felt the Vook experience could not be compared to the traditional e-book experience. There is a wide-open space ready to be occupied by a whole new product.

    It seems that users are keen to spend their time and energy in that new space. Half of users replied that they would “definitely re-read” their Vook, and over 50 percent predicted they would “definitely” or “probably” purchase another Vook. It is obvious that the Vook is capable of engaging users, provoking conversation and getting attention. There is a prime market eager to receive this type of mixed media experience. In plain English: The people want this. There is a great future for devices and platforms that enable them to have it.

    Tomorrow, the iPad comes out. Our apps are already available for it — and when you get your iPad you can try Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes for free! We’re thrilled to be on iPad and our survey results show that readers can’t wait either.

    If you would like to know more about the Vook Community Survey, please email Matthew at Matthew@vook.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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