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  • An Enhanced Book Tribute to Christopher Hitchens

    I was surprised and deeply saddened to learn of Christopher Hitchens’ death this morning. I’d known he was sick but hadn’t known his health was so poor. I hadn’t read Hitch 22, hadn’t read his more recent essays. I wanted to read them while he was still living, before he became his admirers.

    Now he’s gone. The first eulogy  I read was Graydon Carter’s, then the piece from Christopher’s brother, Peter Hitchens. Powerful reflections both. Others soon followed.

    In honor of his passing, I pulled together six of the most moving eulogies I found on the Internet and added a video of Hitchens discussing death and the fear of death. The work is the work of others — think of it as a more carefully laid out and curated collection of links for you to read and reflect on in an easily portable format.

    To download the file, click on this link.

    If you click on this link through the Web browser on your iPad or iPhone, you will be able to open the book directly in iBooks. If you click on the link with your Color Nook browser, you will be able to read the book on your Color Nook.

    The book is fully video enabled.

    I made it in about half an hour. Hitchens could write a stellar piece in less time. He is and will be missed.


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    1. Mo Brock says:

      I am in mourning and should be concerned, since I knew him only through his interviews and appearances posted on the web. Thank you fir this.

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