Publishing Meets Technology At The London Book Fair 2024

In the past two years, technology has turned the publishing industry on its head. Here at Vook, we fully believe that all these changes are a chance for progress.  By taking advantage of the available technology, we can empower writers, filmmakers and anyone who wants to share their message to be even more creative and far-reaching.

Vook is in the unique position of being simultaneously a technology company and a publishing company. This year’s London Book Fair will provide the opportunity for us to meet lots of great people involved with and interested in these two worlds. We expect new ideas, thought-provoking conversations and insight from across the spectrum.

Vook’s CEO and founder Brad Inman will be in London to engage in these dialogues, both as a panelist and an attendee. Brad will participate in the process of bridging the gap between digital and traditional publishing.

On April 19th, Brad will speak with Jane Friedman and Jeffrey Sharp, co-founders of Open Road Integrated Media on a panel titled, “New Forms of Adaption: From E-book to Every Screen.” The panelists will shed light on the business of digital media, with a special focus on online marketing, author branding and bringing authors and their works
to all screens.

Brad will also speak on the panel, “Disrupting Content: ­ Lessons and perspectives from outside the publishing industry,” with the founders of Daily Lit, Flat World Knowledge and Mendeley. The panelists all come from start-ups that are changing the publishing industry with technology. They will share their experiences on the melding of these two worlds, and reflect on what each can offer the other.

This is a watershed year in publishing, and this year’s London Book Fair wholly represents that. We can’t wait to see what comes out of the many presentations and discussions there.

To celebrate the London Book Fair at home, we will be giving away Vooks around the time of Brad’s presentations. Follow @vooktv to learn more at the date approaches!

You can also contact Brad directly if you’re attending the Book Fair and would like to connect in London or back in the States.

Brad’s easily accessible through twitter (@bradinman), email ( and telephone (510-735-7904). Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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