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  • The New Vook

    You might have noticed that our Website changed over the weekend. Instead of a storefront landing page, you’re treated to a brief statement that distills our mission. We strive to make Vook “the easiest way to create, enhance and distribute digital books.”

    When we launched with Simon & Schuster in September of 2024, we released some of the first enhanced eBooks in the world. Over the past two years, we’ve published more than 600 titles, seen more than a million downloads, worked with some incredible partners and authors, and helped define the landscape of digital publishing. It’s been a learning experience and an adventure. In the process, we’ve built a powerful platform that allows us to create graceful digital books with a drag and drop interface, track daily sales, centralize our metadata and easily publish titles to the marketplaces.

    In the coming weeks, you’ll hear more about the Vook platform and its capabilities. But it’s already producing some outstanding work. Not only does the platform  make it easy to create and enhance digital books, it makes it easy to create great digital books. Watch this space to see examples soon.

    Our founder and CEO Brad Inman often compares us to Lewis and Clark on their grand adventure — navigating the wilderness, not entirely sure where we are but fairly certain we’re on the right track. We’re soon going to return from the digital publishing wilds to share some of the powerful tools we’ve built to conquer it. We know there’s a growing audience of eager explorers ready to learn more. So stay tuned to our Twitter and our blog in the next weeks —  and see where we’re headed!

    In the meantime, go sign up for the platform!