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    The Vook team — + friends and family — pounded on the Vook platform over the last two days, searching high and low for bugs, defects and sloppy user experiences. This is our second internal attempt at breaking the system and finding ways to improve the product. Yesterday, everyone at Vook created multiple eBooks. Some of the outputs looked awesome, some failed the test and others were near perfect — but not good enough.

    We are in that gray zone, trying to answer the big question: when to ship our new product? In my career, this has always been the toughest decision that I have had to make — next to firing good-spiritied employees who do not make the grade.

    We are close, but we must solve some gnarly problems, such as making sure the platform can digest weird files with crazy stuff inside that we did not account for. We are throwing every imaginable file at the system — short of notes on paper napkins — in hopes that we can figure out how to handle the buggy stuff that we have not encountered before.

    The team is over-worked and exhausted, but they are determined to get it right before we pass off the platform to our patient partners.

    I love the Vook team!

    Brad Inman

    Founder/CEO Vook

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