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  • Vook at SXSW

    We launched bi-coastal in SF and NYC, but we’ve built so much of our ePublishing platform at our West 25th street office that we can say Vook is cloud-based but proudly New York made. And for a city-based tech-start up, there’s no better sign we’re officially in the game than having the New York Tech Meet-Up invite us to participate in their SXSW event, “Made In New York.” It’s like when the bartender down the street invites you to his speakeasy night, or your landlord lets you park your bike in his basement: Basically, you’ve made it. NYTM-jpeg

    The event’s on Sunday, March 11th from 6 to midnight at the Fast Company Grill at Cedar Door. You can RSVP for your spot here.

    The Managing Director of NY Tech MeetUp is Jessica Lawrence, and she’s the driving force behind the showcase. It features a host of great companies (including some of our favorites, Warby Parker, Sonar, and Skillshare), the opportunity to pitch your ideas to angel investors, and the chance to drink with entrepreneurs and smart people who are making it here and on their way to making it everywhere. Stop by and see us!