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  • The Many Applications of eBooks

    Our Vook User Contest showed off what savvy creatives could build with our platform. Now see what happens when Vook lights up content from one of the world’s leading professional services organizations, Ernst & Young.


    We partnered with Ernst & Young and Knowledge@Wharton to produce Global Banking 2024, a free enhanced eBook that tackles the biggest questions facing financial institutions today with thoughtful text, sharply produced videos and great insights from the smartest minds in the business.

    Before Vook, firms like Ernst & Young had to rely on information jammed Websites, cumbersome printed reports or long DVDs to share their knowledge. Thanks to Vook and eBooks and mobile devices, they can now compress their findings into an easy to read, great looking eBook. Since our platform makes it easy to integrate video, audio, images and text, we’re able to apply the advantages of the eBook format to many different kinds of content.

    We’re proud to have produced this eBook with Ernst & Young and Knowledge@Wharton; and especially happy that we can share it with you for free. It’s a great introduction to the kind of titles you’ll be able to make on Vook very soon; and of the advantages eBooks offer diverse industries.

    eBooks aren’t just for books anymore. . .

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