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    If Christopher Hitchens is wrong about the non-existence of a soul, he and Vaclav Havel must be giving Kim Jong Il a drubbing in whatever forum the afterlife offers political brawlers. While we’d expect Havel and Hitchens to eventually win a war of words, perhaps, in the long stretches of eternity, the three can find common ground by trading essays for peer review. Like Havel and Hitchens, Kim Jong Il had a literary ouevre too.

    Both GalleyCat and the BBC today called attention to some of Kim Jong Il’s film criticism, but no one’s yet released a more comprehensive picture of the dear leader as dear author.

    But! You no longer have to wait! We used the Vook platform to put together a collection of 6 of Kim’s essays and his official state biography.

    It’s a stylized eBook spin through Kim’s penetrating insights into the Juche, finding harmony with the working class and struggling against the forces of capitalist imperialism; as well as some occasional pieces of film and literary criticism.

    You might have thought the looming shadow of Kim’s threat was confined to North Korea and now extinct — but, with this special ebook, the long hand of potentially assigned, fairly impenetrable idelogical reading is reaching out for you and/or your school-age relatives.


    If you open this link on your iOS or Color Nook browser, you will download the file directly to your reader software, and will be able to read this work immediately.

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