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  • Vook: Extending the Platform

    This is a very exciting time for Vook. We are on the cusp of realizing our vision of extending the Vook technology to the world. So what does that mean?

    Vook is sharing our ebook creation, distribution and sales tracking platform to publishers, authors, agents and others. Five-hundred publishers, authors and agents have already signed up for the beta platform.

    And it’s not just for making enhanced books — you can use it to create any kind of digital book. We’re doing this because the titles we’ve published with partners have seen exceptional success — and we want to empower others to create more titles and take control of the process.

    Check out any of the 16 titles that we created for Gaiam that were recently promoted on the front page of iBooks. That’s what drives us at Vook — we’re laser focused on delivering the best platform experience on the market.

    We’re extending our platform so our partners can create titles — they are the experts on content, on creation, on knowing what an audience wants. We are going to enable and empower them to make more titles, to make better titles, to easily enhance and to reach the wide audience that’s hungry for great content.

    Get on the platform! It’s an incredible experience.