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  • Digital Book World Recap

    Greetings Everyone,

    Vook just returned from three days at Digital Book World – and we’ve got some exciting news that you may have caught in a recent Publisher’s Weekly blurb.

    The first item in our string of great news is that Vook’s staff is expanding, and as the new Acquisitions B2B Marketing Manager @ Vook starting today, I am very excited to inform you about all the latest news and developments at the publishing industry’s leading digital publishing house.

    As also stated in Publishers Weekly, Head of Acquisitions Matthew Cavnar unveiled MotherVook at Digital Book World this week—a new, innovative product that will allow publishing houses to create enhanced eBooks for every platform, including the Apple App Store, Apple iBookstore, and Amazon’s Kindle App. You’ll be able to also reach a lot of new distribution channels while retaining all intellectual property rights to your content. With the prediction of more than 15 million iPads to be sold this year alone, MotherVook will help you stay ahead of the competition in a growing market.

    If you’re interested in learning more about MotherVook and how it can help enhance just plain text by giving them a life of their own, please contact Matthew@vook.com.

    I look forward to blogging with you, and I welcome your comments.

    Warm regards,


    Acquisitions B2B Marketing Manager @ Vook

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    1. jANET KATZ says:

      Congratulations Jules and Vook! This is exciting new territory. I have submitted information to Vook to please consider me as a content provider. I look forward to hearing from you.

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