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    In today’s world, speaking a second language is a great advantage. But there’s one widely-used language that you can’t learn with a Rosetta Stone: the language of non-verbal cues. Non-verbal behavior expert Joe Navarro explains that an estimated 80 percent of our communication with others is in unspoken gestures. So if you’re not picking up on those cues, you’re missing a lot. In his Vook, Louder Than Words, Navarro, who has 30 years of research under his belt, explains how to pick up on non-verbal behaviors and decipher what they mean. It’s the kind of insight that can serve you well in business and in life.

    Much of Navarro’s skill was honed during his 25 years in the FBI catching spies, but he’s always had a natural gift for it. (He was one of the only police officers actively recruited by the FBI). Navarro might remind you of another uncannily gifted detective: the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Given their shared knack for picking up on the seemingly imperceptible, Navarro was the perfect expert to feature in our Sherlock Holmes Vook, The Sherlock Holmes Experience.

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    After all, nobody was better at reading clues than Sherlock Holmes, arguably the world’s most talented fictional detective. If you’re a fan of Holmes, you know that at the end of every story, Holmes seems to pull together clues out of thin air to solve a case. But Navarro explains the method behind the madness; Holmes didn’t pull answers out of thin air. He deduced them through careful observation and an excellent understanding of people. Fortunately, you don’t have to be born with those skills, you can learn them.

    That’s why it was so exciting when we teamed up to do Navarro’s book as a Vook. In Louder Than Words, he explains how understanding non-verbal communication helps us to get ahead in all areas of life, especially business. His video on the Sherlock Holmes Vook just scratches the surface, but in his own work, he delves deep into years of research and explains the many possible applications. We could go on and on how how important this is, but maybe you’d rather see for yourself. After all, actions speak louder than words…

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