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Louder Than Words

Why is it that some people have all the elements of success—education, skills, integrity, motivation—but can't seem to move from effectiveness to excellence in their careers? Behavior expert Joe Navarro reveals the long-sought answer.

LOUDER THAN WORDS teaches how to master "non-verbal intelligence," the ability to interpret and use nonverbal signals in business to assess and influence others. Drawing on his decades in the behavioral sciences, Navarro shows how to use his simple yet powerful "comfort/discomfort" model to decode what's really "being said" at casual exchanges that often impact decisions and reputations.

In this exciting vook, not only do you read about how nonverbal signals affect behavior, but you also watch. Included are 22 fascinating videos that illustrate just how our body language is sometimes the loudest part of a conversation. Following Navarro's advice, anyone can jump-start their career.
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Joe Navarro

Joe Navarro is a 25 year veteran of the FBI and author of What Every Body is Saying and Louder Than Words.
Scooter McCrae
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