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    Pricing has been a very hot topic in the book world, and particularly with eBooks. In May, Motoko Rich had a New York Times article about readers revolting against pricing the Kindle version of David Baldacci’s latest novel at $15. She described the chilling implications a standardized $9.99 price could have on the publishing industry. And according to conventional wisdom, $9.99 is rapidly becoming the price that consumers expect, even demand. Just yesterday John Grisham appeared on the Today Show and talked with Matt Lauer about the recent hardcover “price wars” playing out between Amazon.com, Walmart.com and others.

    To date Vook has priced individual titles at different price points and already we are beginning to see some interesting results. A recent post at iReader Review highlighted some key findings about iPhone App pricing for books. The author notes that the data suggests that “Even within the Books Category,  only 10 of the Top 100 Book Apps are actual books priced $5 or higher.” Furthermore, “Only 10 out of the Top 100 best-selling book related apps are anything resembling a $10 book.”

    We’ve been delighted to see that according to the iReader review list #3 is the 90 Second Fitness Solution vook – priced at $4.99 –  and at #7 is Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It! vook – which sells for $11.99.

    This data may suggest, unsurprisingly, that price does play a role in consumer decision-making. However, to have Crush It! so highly ranked indicates that readers on the iPhone see the value of a vook and are willing to pay a premium for it. A digital price point more than $9.99 is not scaring people away. As our readers have found, the integrated videos in the vook don’t just augment the text, they bring entirely new value to the reader, providing even more tips and insight into following Gary V.’s approach on how to succeed.

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