Ebook Pricing Study Now Available

by Brad Inman on

The explosion of content in 2011 has brought a multitude of price points to the digital consumer, from $0.99 self-published works to $12.99 digital front-list titles. Because an eBook’s exposure also often correlates to its price, a comprehensive pricing strategy is necessary to expose great digital content and maximize revenue. We began a pricing study in early 2011 and have built a deep expertise around eBook merchandising. Our pricing white paper details what we've learned from our extensive price testing in the digital marketplace. It serves as a resource for anyone trying to find the right price point in the “wild west” of app, eBook, and web-based storefronts. We've crystalized our research into our proprietary Vook Pricing Engine—a key part of Vook’s business analytics toolkit.

Check out the paper here featuring the 10 golden rules of eBook pricing Pricing White Paper

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