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  • Can You Be Spiritual in the Digital Age?

    Is it possible to be enlightened in the 21st century? We have plenty of material knowledge–but we get hit from so many sources–television, internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc, that it all starts to become a blur. We have all the information in the world, but no idea what to do with it.

    As I was watching the Siddhartha video in our latest Vook, Deepak Chopra’s Buddha Guide,  it occurred to me that in the modern world, we have the opposite problem as the young Buddha. Prince Siddhartha’s father tries to shield him from suffering so he will assume the throne without guilt. Only when Siddhartha confronts the real world–and the reality that suffering is an inevitable part of daily life– can he begin his spiritual journey.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Now, we see suffering everyday, but often do nothing. I wondered: What would it take to get us news-saturated folk off on a more conscientious path?

    In both of the Vooks we’re releasing with Deepak Chopra today, videos supplement text and give us the tools to gain understanding from our experience. In Deepak Chopra’s Buddha Guide, he interprets the life of Buddha to present a philosophy for living. In Sages and Scientists, top researchers and thinkers explain how our technical knowledge can be supplemented with a sense of spirituality that guides us toward a more balanced world.

    Just as Siddhartha’s eyes were opened when he left the Palace, I think technology has the power to enlighten us. What do you think? Can technology help us to lead fuller lives? Let us know what you think in the comments, or @vooktv.

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