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  • The NYPD, the Vook Standard

    Last weekend, the Vook office was robbed. What a sinking feeling to walk into work and discover that we were hit by some thugs. This was particularly worrisome because the entire team was locked down engineering the Vookmaker platform with a November 1 delivery deadline looming.

    There is another side to this lousy story. One, we did not lose anything that valuable beyond equipment that could be replaced. Two, we were up and running Monday morning without a slip in production, and the awesome Vook tech team delivered “Iteration 6″ of the new platform on Wednesday, on time.

    Then, there is the NYPD. Two patrolmen showed up at the office within thirty minutes of us reporting the crime. Then, two CSI print-unit officers were on the scene, followed by two detectives. This impressive group of professionals were thorough, respectful and deliberate in their investigation. They immediately made progress on our case.

    Feeling like vulnerable California transplants, the NYPD made us feel taken care of.

    This event has become the bar for how Vook will release its beta product to a diverse, influential and smart group of publishers, authors and agents who will be part of our closed beta on November 1.

    We will overwhelm them with support, good attitude and follow-through.

    The NYPD spirit is alive and well at Vook.

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    1. Great, positive post about a very bad experience. Good for you to see the upside.

    2. So sorry to hear about your robbery. But I am inspired by your story and how you are all bouncing back from a bad experience, with a great attitude. Looking forward to the Beta launch and to doing more Vooks for such a great group of people. Here’s to November 1. =)

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