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Jonathan Franzen Would Hate This eBook

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

When Jonathan Franzen bashed Twitter, he was just carrying on the relentless crusade he’s waging against the Internet and social media every time he steps up to a mic. He’s like a bookish, bizarro world Chuck D. — Black Steel Glasses in the Hour of Social Media Chaos. The outrage he’s kicked off makes him kind of the closest thing literature has to a bad boy though. From Michelle Houellebecq to Jonathan Littell to Jonathan Franzen, middle aged white guys   Read more…

Build a Winning Social Media Strategy – Today!

Posted on by Michael Caileia

Want to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with your customers, build your brand, and grow your profits? Of course you do! It’s clear that a vibrant social media presence is essential to your company’s success, but if you’re like many others, you haven’t nailed down the perfect strategy. Don’t believe naysayers who claim that social media success is a mystery – there are clear best practices that will launch your company to the next level – and you   Read more…

Vook on social media

Posted on by Vook Contributor

I would like to take this moment to say thanks to all of the Vook fans who participated in our Twitter contest to increase our audience on Facebook during March. We doubled our Facebook presence and had a lot of fun in the process, including creating some great tabs filled with Vook content and giving away codes to some of our video guide apps.