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Educators are liking Dr. Vook’s TextVooks

Posted on by Brad Inman
Mr. Handsome, Dr. Vook

Vook is experiencing some success in Apple’s Education Bulk Buy program which allows us to offer several of our education catalogues at 50 percent off. We see as many as 200-250 purchase at a time of our TextVook series, written by Dr. Vook (with some major help from the Charles River group out of Boston). These are short-form (4,000 words) with animations in each of the eight 500-word chapters. They are dense and to the point, here is a sample.

Become a VookMaker!

Posted on by Brad Inman
Chief of VookMakers, Chris Markiewicz making Vooks in NYC

Vook is rapidly extending its technology platform to literary agents, authors, book packagers, curators, publishers, networks and trainers. Helping us make that happen is a growing group of VookMakers who source and curate content for Vook and use our platform to publish directly to 12,000 points of distribution. We are currently recruiting one specific breed of VookMakers who can scout content, curate it, package it and use our platform to publish the work. Here is what we are looking for:   Read more…

Ebook Pricing Study Now Available

Posted on by Brad Inman

The explosion of content in 2024 has brought a multitude of price points to the digital consumer, from $0.99 self-published works to $12.99 digital front-list titles. Because an eBook’s exposure also often correlates to its price, a comprehensive pricing strategy is necessary to expose great digital content and maximize revenue. We began a pricing study in early 2024 and have built a deep expertise around eBook merchandising. Our pricing white paper details what we’ve learned from our extensive price testing   Read more…