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Vook and Anne Rice

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

One of the great things about working at Vook is that we constantly get to announce new titles we’re releasing with exciting authors. A few weeks ago, Seth Godin let slip that he’s working on a Vook with us—and today we can officially declare that we’re in production on a title with Anne Rice. Called The Master of Rampling Gate, our Vook will offer readers, vampire fans, lovers of Gothic fiction and everyone interested in new ways to experience stories   Read more…

See what Vook can do with Shakespeare

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

We’ve worked with some pretty big name authors, but now we’re partnering with one of the world’s undisputed greats: William Shakespeare. And we think we’ve found a really interesting way to make some of his classic sonnets surpisingly fresh. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’re releasing Love, Love, Love: Shakespeare in The City. The vook features ten of Shakespeare’s timeless sonnets enhanced with passionate, funny, and deeply moving videos, where everyday people riff on the mysteries of love, the   Read more…