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Marble Hornets, a new kind of storytelling

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

I hesitate to bring this project to wider public attention—both because I don’t want anyone to steal it and because I fear its creators might find some of way of afflicting the sinister, malevolent force at its center on me. But it’s just too blood-curdling a yarn not to share — though you wouldn’t guess it from the title: Marble Hornets. What is Marble Hornets? It appears to be some combination of ARG (Alternate Reality Game) and Blair Witch-esque horror   Read more…

Brad Inman presents at BISG’s Annual Meeting

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

Vook founder Brad Inman gave a presentation at the Book Industry Study Group’s (BISG) Annual Meeting in Manhattan on Wednesday. BISG is the leading book industry association in the U.S.—the perfect audience for Vook. Brad discussed the new trends in the way people engage with media and how Vook integrates those different forms of media into one complete experience. Brad stressed that reading is evolving. From scrolls to Gutenberg to the Kindle, reading changes with technology. The digital revolution doesn’t   Read more…