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Vook Releases First ‘TextVook’

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The success of our Video Guides demonstrated that readers were hungry (or thirsty, considering the speed “Cocktails” flies off the digital shelf) for original Vook material. So we’re excited to announce the launch of our next imprint of all new titles: TextVook. This new imprint features the worldly teachings of Dr. Vook Ph.D as he takes readers on an animated journey through history, science, philosophy—the entire world of learning. His first TextVook, “American History 101: The TextVook,” was released Friday   Read more…

In Vogue: Alycea Ungaro and 15 Minute Everyday Pilates Day by Day

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Can you stay healthy and get fit using only an iPhone? Vogue says: “Yes!” and mentions Vook’s very own pilates star, Alycea Ungaro, and her Vook, 15 Minute Everyday Pilates – Day by Day. In the March 2024 edition of the famed magazine, Jancee Dunn calls Alycea’s Vook “bright and simple” and made it a part of her morning routine. For those readers who are already familiar with Alycea’s Pilates Day By Day Vook, there are THREE additional apps to   Read more…

Tools Of Change – Part One

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Vook had an insightful and informative time today at Tools Of Change. We met and reconnected with key players in publishing, both digital and traditional — such as Bowker, Oxford University Press and Sterling Publishing. New firms, such as Aquafas and the fresh face on traditional companies such as Macmillan’s MPS, underlined how quickly this market is expanding. We counted upwards of 8 ventures that could make solid contributions in the enhanced publishing space. If you haven’t already stopped by,   Read more…

Content snacking is yummy

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Consumer response to our early titles was an immediate indicator that short form— useful content hit the sweet spot with mobile readers. Now we’re seeing that point of view reflected in the national media – check out this article from the New York Times that sports a Vook mention near the end. ( The writer says that it’s been hard to gauge our traction, but the recent rave article in the NYT Mag itself, our sales hits with Pilates and JFK and our goal to release a 1,000 titles this year means we’re feeling rosy about the future.

Vook is a happy camper!

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Vook had a fantastic time at yesterday! We enjoyed a lot of discussions about open platforms, design for enhanced e-books in the editorial stages, and work flow management for digital products. We couldn’t walk anywhere without hearing about apps, digital product development, e-book marketing and technology advancements. And we apologize for eating some of the gobstoppers, we didn’t realize those were probably not Book Camp intended.