What’s Vook

Vook is an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based eBook publishing platform. Quickly create, edit, style and publish your eBook—no special software required. When you distribute through Vook, you keep 100% of your royalties!

Easy-to-use authoring tools

With Vook’s easy-to-use authoring tools you have total control over the look and feel of your eBook. You can adjust everything from fonts to text size to margins to chapter designs, create drop caps, style and resize images—make your eBook, your way. Our Style Editor lets you create custom style templates for your title or choose one of our pre-existing templates. Best of all, you can generate instant review proofs of your eBook and check them out on the device of your choice.

Add video, audio and images

Vook lets you create true enhanced multi-media eBooks. You can quickly upload audio, video and images and then drag-and-drop them into your book. With the right multi-media, your eBook can start to sing—literally! Why create an exercise eBook without adding videos that show you proper technique? And what about instructional language eBooks using audio clips to teach proper pronunciation? The possibilities for your enhanced eBook are endless.

Learn more about features supported by existing devices.

Drag-and-drop interface

Our intuitive publishing platform makes it easy to build a complex eBook with many multimedia files. After you upload all the images, videos and audio files for your title, you can place each piece of media in the exact spot that you’d like. Prefer an image in Chapter 8, instead of Chapter 1? No problem—just drag the file to its new location.

Push button distribution

Publish your eBook to Amazon’s Kindle, the Apple iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook directly from within the Vook platform. Once you’ve finished building your eBook, we’ll automatically format your title properly for the retail partners and help you distribute directly into their storefronts. And when your title is on sale, you can track its daily sales in a reporting dashboard integrated into your Vook account. If you want to sell your eBook through your own site or distribution channels, you’re empowered to do that as well.

Track sales in real-time

Our reporting dashboard lets you track your sales by title in every marketplace. You can filter your results by title, distributor, and date range and see price points, gross and net revenue, and unit numbers—all helping you make smart decisions about marketing your content.

Love+Support from Vook

Join our Love+Support community to get answers to straightforward questions, receive real-time support, and share ideas with other Vook users. Whether it’s your first day building your eBook or you’ve sold thousands of eBooks through our retail partners, you can share your insights and learn more about everything from troubleshooting formatting issues to suggestions on how to price your eBook.