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Books in the Post-PC World

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A few months ago, I left my iPad in the back of a New York City taxi-cab. My reaction was not the same as losing a cell phone or a stolen laptop. Losing those devices is an inconvenience, but I grieved the loss of my iPad as I do when losing a half-finished book. My emotional connection to a book and my tablet are the same. Nothing is better suited for the post-PC world than books. Tablets are a back-to-the-future   Read more…

TextVooks Featured in iBookstore

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We’re very excited that Apple is featuring our new TextVook series on the front page of the iBookstore. More than 50 TextVooks launched there this week, including 9 enhanced ebooks with our resident genius, Dr. Vook Ph.D. In celebration of this special promotion, we dropped the prices of our enhanced versions to just $2.99 and ebooks to .99 cents. Rumor has it that you can also download Psychology 101 and World War II for free. Just type TextVook in your iBookstore app to see how to get smart, quickly and become a genius like Dr. Vook, Ph.D.

Transforming Your Brand

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ABC, A&E, AMC, Bloomberg, Bravo, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, History, Lifetime, MTV, Oxygen, Turner Networks — these are all media companies that Robin Fisher-Roffer, author of “Reinventing Yourself: 10 Steps To Shifting Your Career Into High Gear,” helped to shape into powerful brands.

Watch a Video from our new Civil War TextVook

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One of our new arrivals on Friday in the iTunes App Store was the third animated TextVook from our second imprint, which we are very excited about. Check out a snippet below and download the full app. We’ll have a lot more TextVook news for you shortly, and who knows, Dr. Vook, Ph.D, might stop by the blog again for another intellectually stimulating interview. Stay tuned. [youtube][/youtube]

TextVooks in the iBookstore

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In addition to our TextVooks launching on the Nook and Kindle devices, we are also very happy to announce their arrival in the iBookstore. TextVook is the second imprint that has been launched by Vook, featuring animation sensation Dr. Vook, Ph.D. Just type “TextVook” in the iBookstore and all of Dr. Vook, Ph.D’s titles will appear, leading with his enhanced e-books, which include eight animations per title. Download them to see how you can become a great genius like Dr.   Read more…