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Digital Book World Recap

Posted on by Vook Contributor

Vook just returned from three days at Digital Book World – and we’ve got some exciting news that you may have caught in a recent Publisher’s Weekly blurb.

The first item in our string of great news is that Vook’s staff is expanding, and as the new Acquisitions B2B Marketing Manager @ Vook starting today, I am very excited to inform you about all the latest news and developments at the publishing industry’s leading digital publishing house.

Are Vooks the Future of Book Publishing? Wall Street Journal Profiles Vook

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

Following on our recent financing announcement, The Wall Street Journal asks: Are Vooks the Future of Book Publishing? in a profile today of Vook, its vision, technology platform and momentum. We certainly think so! The team at Vook strongly believes we’re creating a new path for traditional content creators – and the media is definitely catching on. (Two major media outlets in as many days have commented on how we’re helping content creators such as publishing companies, literary agents and   Read more…

Vook gets $5.25MM in funding; Huge Momentum for 2024

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

Things are very sunny at Vook these days! We were featured in the New York Times Magazine, where the author, Virginia Heffernan, described our Vooks as “fantastic”. It was great to see her lend credence to Vook’s mission of lighting up the world’s content. As if recognition from the press was not enough to put a smile on our faces, Vook is very pleased to announce that it has received $5.25MM in funding from some of the leading venture capital   Read more…


Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

I wanted to wish you all a successful 2024 and share some exciting news about Vook — we’re being featured in this Sunday’s issue of the New York Times Magazine in an article by Virginia Heffernan. You can read “Watch Me, Read Me” here. The article highlights the Pilates title we produced with author Alycea Ungaro and concludes nicely: “Vook has quietly found the right content, the right software and the right distribution system — and made a longstanding fantasy   Read more…

Making a Vook has never been easier

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

We’ll be announcing this a little more formally soon, but I wanted to tip off any readers of the blog to a new service we’re offering at Vook. It’s an easy application process to get you or your authors signed up and in the funnel to start making Vooks with us. The site’s optimized for the main types of partners we work with (Authors, Agents, Publishers) — but we’re taking queries from any interested party with the right content (video,   Read more…