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Vook says hello to Chelsea!

Posted on by Michael Caileia
The Vook HQ in New York

The Vook team completed the move to its new Chelsea digs last week – and had a morning meet and greet for the team. It was great to have the whole Vook team together in one space, and a pretty cool space at that. (Who dreamed up the Vook-blue pillars?) New faces in our creative, production and engineering teams. Vook has some big goals for Q3 and Q4 2024, and some really, really cool new eBooks and Apps in the   Read more…

eBooks are a Powerful Way for Brands to Share their Stories

Posted on by Michael Caileia

Vook’s “mission” in life is to light up the content of the world’s best storytellers. For us, the concept of a “storyteller” is broad. The “storytellers” we work with include some of the world’s best authors, publishers, and media companies — where storytelling is at the heart of what they do. We’ve produced new and innovative reading experiences with them, for their diverse audiences. From compelling ideas and philosophies to step-by-step cooking instructions and in-depth analysis of news events, we’ve   Read more…

Rob Guttman joins Vook as Veep of Engineering

Posted on by Brad Inman

Welcome to Vook, Rob Guttman! Prior to joining Vook, Rob was CTO at Juju, which experienced 10X traffic growth under his leadership. As vice president of Engineering at Daylife, an online news aggregation and publishing platform, Rob led a team that shipped four products, powering over seventy news and media publisher sites. At the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Rob led a worldwide R&D initiative arming IBM’s business consultants with modeling tools and methods. In 1998, Rob co-founded Frictionless   Read more…

MotherVook 2.0, our digital printing press

Posted on by Brad Inman

Over the last month, our product and engineering staff have worked an ungodly number of hours on MotherVook 2.0, the next generation of our digital printing press. Bravo to the Vook tech team for delivering MotherVook on time with only a few bugs. We have business requirements for MotherVook 3.0 and the specs are being written. Our goal with 3.0 is the WordPress of ebooks. But first, what does MotherVook 2.0 offer? This cloud-based platform offers several important features including   Read more…