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Need help building your eBooks?

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

Our VookMakers can do the work for you.  Users call Vook “super easy-to-use,” but we get that not everyone’s into DIY publishing. So today we’re launching our VookMakers program. Our VookMakers are eBook experts who will build your eBook, send you review copies, incorporate your feedback, and realize your vision. Last week, a publisher contacted us with ten eBooks he didn’t have the resources to build himself. After we connected him to a VookMaker, he had eBooks to review in a day.   Read more…

How to Price an eBook

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

Everyone from the DOJ to Amazon.com is weighing in on the best way to price an eBook. It seems like a good time to bring up our eBook pricing whitepaper again; especially in light of us commenting in an MSNBC article on the DOJ investigation. Beyond the struggles between the big players, we wanted to highlight what we’ve learned publishing digital content and help you understand some ways you can think about pricing an ebook — or even just buying one. It’s all about the   Read more…

eBooks (and Vook) everywhere

Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

Apple’s iBooks 2 and iBooks Author announcement ahead of next week’s Digital Book World lit up eBook discussions like a bonfire of paper books or, you know, End User License Agreements—which is exactly what many commenters seemed to want to make of Apple’s EULA for iBooks Author, which requires books created with the application to be sold exclusively through iBooks. EULA brouhaha aside — Apple’s an innovative company, a valued distribution partner and we think they’ve made a sharp tool.   Read more…


Posted on by Matthew Cavnar

Our digital publishing platform, VookMaker, is ever closer to public release — and our vision of an easy-to-use ebook creation, distribution and sales reporting platform. And yes! This is exciting, this platform we have developed. And yes! We are excited. But — a platform is only as good as what people make with it — which is why we’re even more excited that Apple recognizes the high quality, awesome looking eBooks VookMaker can produce. How do we know this? Because   Read more…

Seth Godin’s Ideavirus–The Way It Was Meant to Be Read

Posted on by Vook Contributor

At Vook, we’re always improving and tweaking our product — and releasing it on new platforms. Spreading our format everywhere and adapting to new devices is a lesson we learned from one of our authors, Seth Godin. Seth detailed this strategy in his Unleashing the SUPER Ideavirus Vook — and now we’re thrilled to announce that the SUPER Ideavirus itself has spread to a new and exciting format, the Apple iBookstore. This is Ideavirus the way it was meant to   Read more…