You Asked. We Listened. New Accounts at Vook starting at $9.99

by on May 1, 2024

We surveyed our users last week—and hundreds of them rushed to tell us what they thought of Vook. A big thanks to all respondents; the winner of the free Professional account is our user Tonya Gupta (congrats Tonya!). 

 When we reviewed the survey, two comments came up with stunning frequency: 1) Our users love our product. They call it “elegant” “easy to use” “incredibly well designed” and “so simple”. 2) Our users need more flexible pricing. A vast majority of independent authors and small businesses find our tool easy-to-use, but the price can be too high for their needs. On the extreme end, one responder remarked, “My brain crashed into the price and exploded.”

We realized immediately that we had to find a way to make Vook accessible to individual authors, independent professionals, and creators with smaller projects. The continual improvements, fine tuning, updates and workflow adjustments our engineers and product people make result in an ever easier to use, hassle free eBook building experience—an experience we want everyone to be able to access.

So we’re introducing the Vook Starter Account.

For a limited time, the Vook Starter Account is only $9.99 a month. You get 100 MBs of Storage Space, 1 User and all our other excellent features, including automatic distribution to Amazon, BN, and iBooks, your eBook files to distribute through other marketplaces on your own, and 100% of your royalties from the distributors (after they take their cut). We hope that you’ll find the Starter Account a cost effective way to create an eBook, experience sales success — and then look for opportunities to upgrade and produce more books with us.

You asked for it. We created it. The Vook Starter Account is ready to go. This price will only be available for a limited time—so sign up now to lock in the monthly rate.

Most popular survey words used to describe Vook.

 We really pay attention to our users and what they want. More importantly, we don’t want their brains exploding.