MotherVook 2.0, our digital printing press

July 3, 2024

Over the last month, our product and engineering staff have worked an ungodly number of hours on MotherVook 2.0, the next generation of our digital printing press. Bravo to the Vook tech team for delivering MotherVook on time with only a few bugs. We have business requirements for MotherVook 3.0 and the specs are being written. Our goal with 3.0 is the WordPress of ebooks.

But first, what does MotherVook 2.0 offer? This cloud-based platform offers several important features including file conversion, simple drag-and-drop authoring tools, a quick-and-easy epub and android app creator, a straightforward method for publishing to multiple platforms and a content management system.

The internal Vook creation team will be trained on the new platform on Tuesday and it is being rolled out to partners later this summer.

We have considered renaming the platform, but we all love MotherVook too much.