Vook highlights: 2024's best ebook advice, insights, and new releases

by Allison Horton on

As we step into spring, we're highlighting the best articles and guides by Vook staffers, as well as new releases by some of our star authors. While our Vookmakers were hard at work creating beautiful bestsellers, our marketing team brought you the latest in ebook-sales and marketing advice.

WagesBestselling Something Awful editor goes digital first
After publishing the popular novel Liminal States, author and SomethingAwful.com editor Zack Parsons turned to Vook to make his collection of dystopian tales into an ebook within days. In the world of WAGES: Future Tales of a Hired Gun ($2.99), private military contractors are hired to protect the interests of businesses and individuals. These men and women work as bodyguards, security, and the means by which "desirable outcomes" are achieved. From Dubai to Texas, these mercenaries possess military firepower with none of the accountability.

Philolzophy by Thought CatalogThought Catalog gets phiLOLZophical
COMING SOON:PhiLOLZophy: Critical Thinking in Digestible Doses, based on the Tumblr by the same name. Thought Catalog's Digital Books Division published over a dozen ebooks with Vook this year, bringing original and archived content to their current and future fanbases. This upcoming ebook contains philosophical—oftentimes humorous—musings on everything from existential angst ("How to Cure an Existential Hangover") to dating ("How to Pick Up a Philosopher"). It represents a great synergy of two online publishers growing their audiences and monetizing existing content with ebooks.

Publishing Innovation AwardTwo Vook authors win publishing awards
In January, we were proud to learn that two Vook authors received the 2024 Publishing Innovation Awards for Best Ebooks in Fiction and Nonfiction. The awards highlight the most innovative authors and groundbreaking ebooks. We compiled advice from JD Messinger and Chris Rickaby to highlightfive steps to an award-winning ebook.

Black PoolYoung readers become authors in new interactive ebook
In her fantasy-adventure ebook Black Pool: A Jack Flynn Adventure ($2.99), author C.H. Garbutt sought to allow "the middle-grade reader to join a global community of other young readers," via embedded WeJIT links made possible through Vook and Democrasoft. Readers can step into the imagination of the author by discussing the plot in an online forum. It's the next step in interactive ebooks sure to stimulate imaginations of all ages. Read the author's entire guest post here and learn more about what WeJITs can do for your ebook.

RetailersVook writes a comprehensive guide to ebook sales
In "Ebook Marketplaces and Royalties: everything authors need to know" we help authors navigate the tricky world of ebook distribution, royalty rates, e-reading devices, and all of the dirty details—taxes, price restrictions, and delivery fees. We also wrote an article on the benefits of distributing through Vook so you can make the most informed decision about your ebook strategy.

...and that's only winter! Stay tuned for more great ebooks from Vook and be sure to say hello when you're ready to publish.

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