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In-Book Chat Features

Vook has partnered with Democrasoft to extend the ability for VookMaker clients to embed WeJIT functionality into their ebooks. WeJITs are embedded links in an ebook that direct readers to an online discussion forum where they can engage with each other and the author. When properly integrated into an ebook, WeJITs are a powerful community-building tool. WeJITs allow users to:

  • 1. Engage readers with topic-based discussions, debates and decisions through in-book links
  • 2. Share the conversations beyond the pages of the ebook via email, Facebook, Twitter and other sharing methods built into WeJITs
  • 3. Drive additional book sales and attract new readers as WeJITs are shared. Each shared WeJIT creates Internet back-links to the ebook, resulting in better search engine rankings

About Democrasoft

Democrasoft, Inc. is an innovation and licensing company with a history of pioneering technology. It is the creator of the Collaborize platform and Collaborize Classroom, the award-winning blended-learning platform for grades K-20. It is also the creator of WeJIT, a new model for self-contained, topic-based online collaboration that stretches across various platforms and communities.

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Custom Author Websites & Book Trailers

In an effort to help our clients increase customers and drive ebook sales, Vook has partnered with Authro to build professional, customized author websites and engaging book trailers—essential marketing tools for first-time and seasoned authors. With custom websites and book trailers, authors can:

  • 1. Actively inspire people to buy their books, no longer relying solely on book reviews
  • 2. Drive traffic to one central location in their marketing efforts
  • 3. Build a community through engaging content, comments, and newsletters

Vook authors get a special discount on Authro services.

About Authro

Authro was created out of a clear need for a reliable, professional source for well-designed websites for authors and powerful book trailers that would help authors reach more potential readers and sell more books. Authro is a team of authors, publishing industry insiders, website designers, and producers who are passionate about giving authors engaging websites and book trailers at a price they can afford.

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