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Ebook Creation | Ebook Distribution | Print On Demand | Cover Design | Copy Editing | Book Scanning | Proofreading | Marketing

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Ebook Creation

We can turn all digital documents into great looking ebooks ready to be sold on all of the major e-retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Google, and more. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to ebook creation, so your manuscript will be treated with special care by your own production coordinator.

Here’s what you get when you work with Vook:
  • Ebook files in epub (iPad, iPhone, Nook) and mobi (Kindle) formats
  • Thorough quality assurance process
  • A preview and optional free round of revisions
  • Pre-filled out marketing data to optimize sales
  • A personal author dashboard to track your ebook’s progress
  • An optional free cover (from a template)
  • Friendly one-on-one service

So how much does it cost? We price each ebook project based on the manuscript’s length, layout, formatting, and inclusion of any media. We ask that you sign up to receive a free quote.

Ebook Distribution

Many of our authors choose to distribute with Vook because we make the process straightforward, easy, and the best way to optimize your marketing. When you distribute to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and other retailers through Vook, you get the following benefits:

  • We give you a daily sales-tracking dashboard for all retailers in one easy place. You won't have to go to multiple third parties (and pay for their services) to know how much money you're making each day.
  • If you don't have one already, we'll also give you an eISBN (which can save you $125).
  • In one easy step, you save yourself the time and hassle of setting up accounts with the retailers.
  • We pay out revenue to you in one easy check.
  • We can provide free promo codes, make metadata changes, and help you run price promotions (including setting your ebook to free).
  • You also get favorable royalty rates and distribution terms that lift many restrictions across the retailers. View our royalty rates.

Print On Demand

Our POD service will produce a bookstore-worthy hardcopy of your book when it’s requested (i.e. when you or a customer orders a copy, either directly from Vook or through a retail channel that offers your book in print). With print on demand, your book is not printed until after it’s purchased, which limits any upfront charges to you. Your profit: the price at which you sell your book minus the cost of printing.

Vook offers:

  1. Print-ready PDF and cover creation: This is the high-quality PDF and front/back cover that we’ll replicate when printing your books. If you’d like to supply your own print-ready assets, we can provide our POD requirements.
  2. Global distribution: Vook can sell your print book in thousands of retailers around the world. Your books are printed only after an order is placed by a wholesaler, retailer, or consumer. When a retailer fulfills an order, they pay you the wholesale price of your book. Your profit equals the wholesale price minus the print cost.
  3. Publisher-direct print runs: You also have the option of bulk purchasing your print book and distributing it freely. Having a small print run lets you sell direct through your website, in regional bookstores, and at events.

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Cover Design

Creating an eye-catching cover is one of the best things you can do for your ebook. The rules of ebook cover design are not the same as those for print, and Vook’s experienced designers know how to make covers that will stand out on the crowded digital bookshelves.

Because covers are required to sell online, we’ll happily provide a free templated cover with every ebook we create: your book title on a colored background. We also offer two tiers of cover design:

Standard $199

  • Original treatment from one of our designers
  • Layout may be sourced from a template
  • 1 revision allowed
  • 1 graphic element (photograph, graphic image, or visual treatment of text) to be provided by Vook

Examples of Standard covers:

standard covers

Deluxe $299

  • Completely custom and original premium treatment from one of our designers
  • 2 revisions allowed (i.e. 3 rounds of work allowed)
  • 3 graphic elements (photographs, graphic images, or visual treatments of text) to be provided by Vook
  • Multiple options presented early on

In general, Deluxe covers feature greater custom work. We develop a concept and work with you to refine it. Sign up now!

Examples of Deluxe covers:

deluxe covers

Free cover

If you're building an ebook through Vook, you can also take advantage of a free cover from one of these templates:

Copy Editing

Investing in an editor is one of the best ways to improve your ebook, and our editors are here to help. After we work on your manuscript, you will receive annotated and clean copies. One page is defined as 250 words.

Standard $6/page

  • Complete read of manuscript and art
  • Proofread for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
  • Ensure consistency of terminology, numbers, abbreviations, quote styling, and names
  • Crosscheck Table of Contents and Bibliographies against text if applicable
  • Check for any issues regarding permission and query the author if need be

Stylistic $11/page

  • All features of the Standard copy edit plus:
  • Edit for language, sense, and logic, making rewrite suggestions
    • Improve word choice, transitions, and fluency
    • Eliminate wordiness, triteness, confusing statements, mixed metaphors, and vague generalizations
    • Mark or revise material that is sexist, prejudiced, obscene, dated, or slanderous
  • Query the author with text suggestions and improvements
  • If applicable, ensure science, technical, medical, and math editorial and type-marking conventions are followed, per client guidelines
  • Fact check proper names, works of art, films, TV programs, music pieces, etc.
  • Create a Table of Contents if requested

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Book Scanning

We’re pros at turning digital documents into great looking ebooks, but we also know how to bring a bound book to the digital market. Whether you’re working with Vook to build your ebooks or just want your digital scan in a Word document, we’ll deliver a product you can be proud of. Here’s what you get:

  • A Microsoft Word document that you can edit and take to any publisher
  • 99.99% text accuracy guarantee with our rigorous QA process

We can work with one-off titles or entire backlisted catalogs. Sign up to learn more now!


Proofreading takes place as the final check before distribution. It's a line-by-line comparison between the digitally reproduced text and the original manuscript to correct for any errors introduced during the conversion and production processes. This service is tailored to and recommended especially for ebooks created from digitally scanned print books or image PDFs. It guarantees a 99.995% accurate character match between the original manuscript and final ebook file. $1.50/page.

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In an effort to help our clients drive ebook sales and increase customers, Vook has partnered with some of the most innovative book marketers in the industry.

Book Publicity and Social Media Marketing

Authoright runs comprehensive, custom book marketing campaigns for authors and publishers across the globe. Services include:

  1. Social media profiles and social media campaigns
  2. Press release & national media distribution
  3. Comprehensive book marketing plan
  4. US and/or UK publicist for an 8-week media campaign
About Authoright
Authoright is formed of experienced marketers, lawyers, journalists and writers who work to creatively promote an author's book. They use their network of industry contacts to pitch the book, the author and their back-story to journalists across broadcast, print and online press. With a physical presence in both the UK and North American book markets, Authoright is able to promote their clients' books globally.

Custom Author Websites & Book Trailers

Authro builds professional, customized author websites and engaging book trailers—essential marketing tools for first-time and seasoned authors. With custom websites and book trailers, authors can:

  1. Actively inspire people to buy their books, no longer relying solely on book reviews.
  2. Drive traffic to one central location in their marketing efforts.
  3. Build a community through engaging content, comments, and newsletters.

Vook authors get a special discount on Authro services.

About Authro
Authro was created out of a clear need for a reliable, professional source for well-designed websites for authors and powerful book trailers that would help authors reach more potential readers and sell more books. Authro is a team of authors, publishing industry insiders, website designers, and producers who are passionate about giving authors engaging websites and book trailers at a price they can afford.

In-Book Chat Features

Vook has partnered with Democrasoft to extend the ability for VookMaker clients to embed WeJIT functionality into their ebooks. WeJITs are embedded links in an ebook that direct readers to an online discussion forum where they can engage with each other and the author. When properly integrated into an ebook, WeJITs are a powerful community-building tool. WeJITs allow users to:

  1. Engage readers with topic-based discussions, debates and decisions through in-book links
  2. Share the conversations beyond the pages of the ebook via email, Facebook, Twitter and other sharing methods built into WeJITs
  3. Drive additional book sales and attract new readers as WeJITs are shared. Each shared WeJIT creates Internet back-links to the ebook, resulting in better search engine rankings
About Democrasoft
Democrasoft, Inc. is an innovation and licensing company with a history of pioneering technology. It is the creator of the Collaborize platform and Collaborize Classroom, the award-winning blended-learning platform for grades K-20. It is also the creator of WeJIT, a new model for self-contained, topic-based online collaboration that stretches across various platforms and communities.

Free Ebook Giveaway

Vook can build a customized ebook delivery system that makes giving away your ebook to supporters, fans, and reviewers easy. No need to include a lengthy set of instructions or distribute multiple promo codes. Here's how it works:

  1. You tell Vook what you want the main page to say and the "look and feel" you're going for
  2. Vook hosts your ebook files
  3. Vook builds and QAs your personal delivery system
  4. Vook goes over giveaway best practices pre-launch
  5. Vook sends you a report of the number of visitors and downloads

Email to learn more.