Where can I sell my ebook?

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We can put your ebook up for sale on all of the major retailers – Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and Blio – and provide you with in-depth sales tracking and analytical tools.

Vook's distribution gives you all of the flexibility and control with none of the hassle. We enable you to make fast metadata changes, run price promotions with short notice, and give out free promo codes.

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Our Retailers

If we distribute your ebooks on your behalf, we manage your titles in each storefront you choose to distribute to. We handle the royalty collection, accounting, sales tracking and payment. You retain all rights to your title and we pay out royalties to you.

Retailer Royalties Territories
Amazon (Kindle) Account 1
Amazon takes 55% of the list price for ebooks sold to US customers
Amazon takes 60% of the list price for ebooks sold to international customers

This is a wholesale contract with Amazon, which means they pay us off the list price set for ebooks we distribute. If Amazon discounts your ebook for competitive purposes, you still get paid off the original price. With this contract, there are no pricing restrictions, they do not charge a transaction fee per megabyte of download, and you can distribute enhanced titles. There are also no restrictions on free price promotions.

Account 2
Amazon takes 30% of the sales price of your title

The list price must be between $2.99 and $9.99 and you cannot run free price promotions. Amazon reserves the right to discount your ebook, pay you off that lower price, and charge a transaction fee per megabyte of download. This account does not accept audio/video-enhanced content. Sales made in Amazon India, Japan, and Brazil receive a 35% royalty.

You decide which distribution account makes the most sense for your ebook!

Up to 192 territories
iBooks (iPad/iPhone)
Apple takes 30% of the list price
Up to 51 territories
Barnes & Noble (Nook)
Barnes & Noble takes 50% of the list price
US and UK territories
Kobo (Kobo readers) Kobo takes 30% of the list price
The list price must be between $0.99 and $9.99.
Worldwide territories
Google Play (Android)
Google takes 48% of the list price
Up to 56 territories
Blio (Baker & Taylor)
Blio takes 50% of the list price.
Worldwide territories
Vook (HTML5 eReader) We take 15% of the royalties from titles sold in our proprietary storefront Worldwide availability

*Vook negotiates its distribution arrangement with its authors and partners on a case-by-case basis. There is a royalty payment processing fee of 3% per payment with a maximum of $2 for U.S. bank accounts (or a maximum of $21 for international bank accounts). Royalty rates are subject to change.

sales dashboard
Sales Dashboard

You’ll get a reporting dashboard that tracks your ebook sales daily across every marketplace, making it easy to measure and adjust your marketing.

free isbn
No ISBN? No Worries!

If you don’t already have an ISBN, we’ll gladly give you one for free (which can save you up to $125).

wholesale with amazon
Wholesale with Amazon

Vook’s wholesale relationship with Amazon means you are always paid off the price you set. If Amazon chooses to discount your ebook, it’s on their dime!

free delivery
No Delivery Fees

Authors who distribute to Amazon through Vook don’t need to pay delivery costs (Amazon charges authors $0.15 for every MB downloaded).

save time
Save Time & Hassle

When you distribute to the major retailers through Vook, you save yourself from going to multiple sites and creating multiple accounts.

Optimize Marketing

Our team can put our ebook market data and merchandising expertise to work to determine the best metadata for all retail channels.