The perks of selling your ebook through Vook

by Allison Horton on

Many of our authors choose to distribute with Vook because we make the process straightforward, easy, and the best way to optimize your marketing. Below, we've written comprehensive list of terms and benefits for all major retailers and Vook's store.

Here are some general benefits of distributing with Vook:

  1. We give you a daily sales-tracking dashboard for all retailers in one easy place. You won't have to go to multiple third parties (and pay for their services) to know how much money you're making each day.
  2. If you don't have one already, we'll also give you an eISBN (which can save you $125).
  3. In one easy step, you save yourself the time and hassle of setting up accounts with the retailers.
  4. We pay out revenue to you in one easy check.
  5. You also get favorable royalty rates and distribution terms that lift many restrictions across the retailers. Read on for more details.

The big e-retailers

These are some of the most favorable perks and royalty rates in the business, and we pay out royalties to you in one easy check or Paypal transfer.


  • We receive 46.2%
  • Amazon takes 56.8%

Perk: When Amazon runs a price promotion to stay competitive, you are still paid off of the list price you set for your ebook (even if Amazon reduces it to free!)
Perk: Vook can help you run price promotions within an hour's notice
Perk: You do not have to pay a delivery fee on each ebook sold
Perk: It only takes 2-3 business days to get your ebook live on Amazon


  • We receive 70%
  • Apple takes 30%

Perk: We can give you up to 50 free promo codes for your ebook.
Perk: Vook can help you run price promotions within an hour's notice
Perk: Vook is pre-approved with Apple, so distribution only takes 1-2 business days.

Barnes & Noble

  • We receive 50%
  • B&N; takes 50%

P​erk: Vook's contract with B&N lets us distribute enhanced content up to 600 MB
Perk: Vook can help you run price promotions (B&N required 2 weeks advance notice)

Note: we pay the royalties to you 30 to 60 days after the end of each quarter depending on your contract.

The Vook store

Vook ebook bookstoreWhen Vook builds your ebook, we offer optional distribution to our store. We take 15% of the royalties, leaving you with 85% off the list price—one of the best royalty rates in the business.

Aside from the 85% author royalty, here are the perks of distributing to Vook's store:

  • We can give you free promo codes for the Vook store to give away to press, reviewers, friends, fans, and supporters. The first 50 promo codes are on us! After 50, we charge 15% of the list price per promo code.
  • We'll run price promotions for you anytime!
  • You get to put up an author bio with links to your website and social media platforms.
  • You can make the ebook downloadable in epub and mobi formats so readers can transfer to the devices of their choice.
  • You can include links to the other retailers that sell your ebook.

So sign up today to have Vook make a great looking ebook and devise the best distribution strategy for you!

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