Frequently Asked Questions

VookMaker FAQs

Who are the VookMakers?
The VookMakers are our expert ebook builders who can make anything from classic to complex ebooks. After you’ve given them more info about your project, they will quote you a price. There is no credit card required for this free consultation. Read more and sign up for a free consultation.
After I’ve signed up for a free consultation, why do you ask for my content?
To give you the most accurate price for your ebook, we need to look at the length and format of your document, and we need to gauge the complexity of the project. Even if your project is not 100% complete, it still helps to see bits and parts. The info you provide is extremely helpful!
What if I want to produce several ebooks?
Enterprise Publishers producing multiple ebooks can contact our VP of Business Development, Matthew Cavnar, at directly.
When I send you my content, do I still retain all rights?
Absolutely, you retain all right, title and interest in your work; providing your work to Vook is solely for Vook to assess the file and provide a quote.
Does my content need to be formatted a certain way before you start building my ebook?
Before we build an ebook, some assets—mainly graphics and multimedia—need to adhere to specifications. We highly recommend that you format your content according to these specifications. It saves us time and saves you money!
Will you edit my ebook as you go?
Please note that we do not edit for typos and grammar, and we do not make changes to the content. After we’ve built your ebook, we can make two changes if you need to make edits.

Pricing FAQs

How do you determine pricing?
After we look at your content and discuss your ebook’s needs, we’ll let you know how much the project will cost.
What if I don’t have my final manuscript but I still want a quote?
You can upload complete or incomplete manuscripts.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and checks drawn on U.S. Bank accounts. Have a question about forms of payment? Contact

Distribution FAQs

Will you distribute my ebook to Amazon, iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble for me?
Yes, we can distribute to these major retailers for you. If you choose not to distribute through Vook, we still give you an ebook formatted for all of the retailers.
What happens after I submit my ebook for distribution through Vook?
Our distribution team sends your ebook and metadata to Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Vook’s store. You’ll receive a confirmation email when this happens. Each retailer has its own quality assurance process. Generally, Amazon takes 2-3 business days, Apple takes 1-2 business days, and Vook takes 1 day. Barnes & Noble takes 10-15 days for standard titles and 15-20 business days for enhanced titles.
What is the royalty split when I distribute to Amazon, iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble through Vook?
The retailers' royalty rates can be found on our distribution chart. Vook takes a percentage of the revenue as agreed upon in your Statement of Work.
When do I get paid my royalties from all retail channels?
We’ll send you your royalties 30 to 60 days after the end of each quarter depending on your contract. Please note that there is a quarterly $5 check processing fee for US accounts ($30 for foreign accounts), applied to each author or publisher. The minimum amount of quarterly sales required is $5 for US accounts and $30 for foreign accounts.

Ebook FAQs

Who sets the retail price of my ebook?
That would be you! You get to decide how much your ebook costs across all channels. Please note that we have a wholesale relationship with Amazon. If they independently choose to discount your ebook, you still get paid of the price you set.
If I have to change content after my ebook has been created, will you be able to make the edit?
Yes, we can make two minor revisions. We’ll handle extra additions on a case-by-case basis.
What are the details (metadata) that I need to provide for my ebook and what do they mean?
We have a glossary for all of the metadata that your VookMaker will request.
If I don’t have photoshop, how can I make a cover for my ebook?

If you don't have Photoshop, no worries! There are two programs you can use to do basic graphic editing:


GIMP is an open-source "image manipulation" program. It's almost exactly the same as Photoshop, but it's free and available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

GIMP is great if:
  • You want to do more advanced image editing but don't want to shell out for Photoshop.
  • You're running Linux.

2. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has surprisingly robust image-editing abilities.

You can:
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint to add Text, Pictures, and Shapes to a blank slide.
  • Change the order of your graphics—e.g., put text in front of a shape—using Arrange.
  • Export your slide as an image by going to File > Save as, and choosing Format: PNG.
  • In another editing program (such as Preview), crop your image to be 600 x 900 pixels.

You can also hire one of our VookMakers to design a cover.