From print to ebook: creating gorgeous digital cookbooks

by Simon Collinson on

After working with Vook to build a stunning reflowable ebook, author/chef Lior Lev Sercarz creates an iPad-exclusive fixed-layout ebook to mirror his print book, line-for-line

The best print cookbooks don't just tell you how to cook; they inspire you to cook with lush photographs and artistic design. Now, thanks to fixed-layout ebook creation, digital cookbooks are just as powerful. Just look at The Art of Blending, the new cookbook from spice shop/art gallery La Boîte’s renowned chef Lior Lev Sercarz.

Fixed layout vs. reflowable: what's the difference?

So how do fixed-layout ebooks stack up against reflowable ones? Have a look at the two pages below:

These pages are from the reflowable version of the book. Notice that the font size can be changed and text and images will "reflow" from one page to another. Now look at the two pages below.

These are from the fixed layout version, and the text size cannot be changed. Instead, readers can zoom in to see more detail. Each approach to ebook creation has its pros and cons. Read more about the difference between reflowable and fixed layout ebooks.

The Art of Blending is available exclusively from the iBookstore—get your copy now!

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