The Art of eBook Design from The Art of Blending

by Allison Horton on

Designed like a print book, The Art of Blending presented Vook with "the consummate challenge of designing for eBooks. But I think we succeeded."

Art of Blending

Spice-blending extraordinaire Lior Lev Sercarz came to Vook with his own twist on an cookbook: recipes centered around his famous spice blends. Trained as a chef in France under Olivier Roellinger and having cooked for Daniel Boulud in New York, Lior has spent the last several years creating spice blends for the world's best chefs under the label La Boîte á Epice. Last year, he opened La Boîte, a store and art gallery in New York City that sells his spice blends and a line of sweet-savory biscuits. Now, Lior has published The Art of Blending, an eBook to highlight his blends, tell the stories behind them, and share recipes as a way of encouraging readers to explore spices in their own kitchens.

Vook’s Jeffrey Yozwiak led the project and had this to say about the title, its challenges, and the end result: “This is perhaps the most highly-designed title we've ever produced. Lior and Lisa Fisher, the Creative Director, urged us to go to the utmost limits of what's possible in the reflowable format. They had really designed their content for the print book format. It was a challenge to translate the aspects of the content and the flow that worked best in print. And make them work equally well in an eBook in which the text reflows to fit a variety of screen sizes. That's one of the consummate challenges of designing for eBooks. But I think we succeeded.”

Custom formatting, high-resolution video, and stunning images culminate to create one of the most gorgeous eBooks we've ever produced. Purchase The Art of Blending on the Vook store to read it online or download it to the device of your choice. We want to let the design speak for itself so we’ve included pictures below. Feeling inspired? A VookMaker can translate your project to your dream eBook. Sign up for a free consultation today.

Art of Blending Art of Blending Art of Blending Art of Blending

Art of Blending

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